Link of the Day

Here’s a beautiful article on what to do if you’ve been cancelled by poet Joseph Massey who is surviving a particularly brutal cancellation with extraordinary grace and dignity.

Massey is offering invaluable advice that, sadly, more and more people need. He’s a very good poet, too.

I 🤬 Tribalism

The thing I hate most in life is tribalism. Hate it. It’s so pathetic because it always leads you to betray yourself for an illusion of belonging.

This is in response to the people who are now piling on the hotel receptionist I wrote about earlier today because he turned out to be a leftist.

Who cares how he votes? The guy was crying. This is the important thing. He was bullied and then shamed when he cried. I don’t care about his political beliefs. I care that it’s not OK to hurt people for online clicks. My only tribe are people who don’t want to bully service personnel.

Jeez. People are losing it on both sides.

Tell the Truth

It’s really bizarre that in the only situation where COVID quarantines are actually helpful and save lives nobody recommends or even mentions them.

Mass vaccination for COVID results in a short-term (emphasis on SHORT) spike in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. This happened in Israel, Hungary, India, everywhere. All you need to do to avoid it is simply to tell people to stay quarantined for a couple of weeks post-vaccination. It’s really not a big deal, and I’m sure everybody will be happy to follow the recommendation.

Instead we hear confused and incomprehensible waffling of “well, yes, no, you still need to be masked and distanced after vaccination because solidarity erm something something.” Just tell people the truth. It’s only for a couple of weeks.

It’s almost like these spikes are useful of something.

Disabled Workers vs Victim Culture

There’s a huge social media pileup on an autistic hotel receptionist who had a meltdown after being aggressively confronted by a customer. It’s painful to watch how cruel the customer is, filming the worker with the obvious goal of putting the video online. Of course, people are needlessly racializing the situation because it’s in vogue.

We have a severely disabled man working at the local movie theater. Until now, everybody has been patient and kind because it’s important that disabled people get to work even if it’s a bit uncomfortable to the customers. We also have an autistic bus driver in the community. Thanks to this job, he can live on his own. The driver was my neighbor at the apartment complex where I lived previously. He can function on his own if everybody is kind and understanding. He’s a great driver because he has great concentration and follows the rules. But if anybody tries to hassle him like the horrible customer in the video, he’ll freak out.

My fear is that fewer employers will now want to hire the disabled, the autistics, and people with speech impediments because, in this gotcha culture we are busily creating, it’s very easy to engineer a situation where a disabled worker is made to look like a racist or a transphobe or whatever else idiotic label becomes fashionable.

In the video, the evil customer doesn’t stop filming even when the autistic guy begins to weep. The customer’s humanity has been erased by the lure of easy online fame aa “a victim of racism.”

One of the things I love about this society – and I’ve written about this a lot – is how open people are to integrating the disabled into regular life. This was a result of long and patient civilizational work that is being destroyed in service of this ridiculous victim culture.

I’m not linking to the video because there’s nothing more terrifying to an autistic person than to have thousands gaping at his meltdown.

Impossible Equity

We all would agree that parents who try to engineer equity (i.e. equality of outcomes) among their children are abusive, right? Demanding that a child excel at math and play the violin like her sibling or learn to read at the same age is wrong. Children are different, even when they are born in the same family. Even identical twins don’t have the same interests and talents.

So if even parents, the people who have the greatest impact on who we become, are utterly incapable of engineering equity, does it make sense to expect schools or politicians to do it?

Equality of rights and opportunities is a noble goal. But equality of outcome is impossible and ridiculous.

Racist Babies

These people, God.

Babies show a preference for people who look like Mommy. It’s an evolutionary advantage. There’s nothing ideological about it.

My kid at 8 months hated it when my sister tried to kiss her to the point where she’d squeeze her eyes shut and turn her head away. Because my sister has black hair and a semitic nose.

My friend’s black child severely disliked me when she was a baby because I don’t look like her parents. Now that she’s grown, she adores me and calls me “mommy” when she comes over.

My friend and I would have been complete idiots if we’d started to lecture our babies on diversity and inclusion.

All of the doubts I had about the theory of evolution evaporated after I had a child and observed first-hand how little kids are primed to maximize every evolutionary advantage.

Shame on every uneducated, stupid bastard who tries to substitute biology with ideology.