I 🤬 Tribalism

The thing I hate most in life is tribalism. Hate it. It’s so pathetic because it always leads you to betray yourself for an illusion of belonging.

This is in response to the people who are now piling on the hotel receptionist I wrote about earlier today because he turned out to be a leftist.

Who cares how he votes? The guy was crying. This is the important thing. He was bullied and then shamed when he cried. I don’t care about his political beliefs. I care that it’s not OK to hurt people for online clicks. My only tribe are people who don’t want to bully service personnel.

Jeez. People are losing it on both sides.

2 thoughts on “I 🤬 Tribalism

  1. Ian Miles Cheong is an unusually vile toad of a person. I don’t think many people agree with him. I can only pray for those who do.


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