Movie Notes: Nomadland

I decided to watch the movie because everybody is down on Hollywood and the Oscars and I now feel kind of bad for both. Plus, a fussy Spanish novelist started posting on social media how the characters in the movie are too happy and too white. So I had to watch.

Folks, it’s a masterpiece. Everything about this movie is great. I bought it because I will be rewatching it often. Like Nobody, Nomadland is an ode, a love letter to America. And once again, the director is an immigrant. It’s as if immigrants were begging Americans to remember who they are, shake off their current stupor, and reach for greatness that belongs to them. It takes a Russian Jew and a Chinese woman to do it because they know how bad things can be.

Of course, it’s a completely different aesthetics from Nobody, but the organizing idea is the same. You can overcome, you can rise, you are American. It’s really good.

The photography is breathtaking. The lead actress is talented. The choice to use normal people in the rest of the roles instead of trying to make Hollywood’s plastic androids look human is brilliant.

God, I’m so into this movie. I wish I had seen it on a big screen. I warn you, though. This is a movie that’s heavily in the European tradition. It’s very unhurried. There’s no plot. No action. But there’s a philosophy, a depth of thought, and an endless supply of beauty.

The Oscars aren’t completely hopeless if they finally recognized a talented film.