Free Universal Daycare

I feel sorry for the people who are seriously debating the canard of “free universal daycare.”

Let me tell you how this universal daycare works in Canada, population 30 million, income tax rate for somebody like my sister 52%.

Yes, you are entitled to an almost free daycare for your kid. (It’s $7 a day, which sounds amazing.) So yippee, my sister put her kid on the list for one the moment she was born. And she was offered a space! Of course, by that time the child was six.

And that, I repeat, in a country with one tenth of the population of the US.

This is a completely ridiculous, inane discussion that exists solely to distract us from the terrible abuse that’s being perpetrated against small children today in the form of masks and lockdowns. Make masks illegal for kids. That’s very easy to do. Reopen the playgrounds. Reopen fucking schools.

You’ve got to be touched in the head to take these fantasies about the free daycare seriously from an administration that hasn’t been able to get kids back into already existing schools.

Marital Joys

I truly have the best husband. He finds me in the house during the day (I usually work in the office) and his face lights up with joy. He’s been seeing me daily for over a decade, yet the happy surprise has never worn off. He says “I’m so happy you are here with me” several times a day.

For his birthday, I’m whisking him away to a remote location in the woods with no people for miles. I think this is his definition of paradise. People ask if I’ll mind being in isolation for several days, but I haven’t worked from home since June. I see so many people daily that I’m ready for a bit of a self-imposed lockdown.

Which Dictatorship?

On the last day of my course on Latin American dictatorships, a student raised his hand.

“Professor,” he asked. “You say that the age of dictatorships in Latin America seems to be over, and with only a couple of exceptions, Latin American countries have embraced democracy. But what is the value of that if governments everywhere are either powerless or unwilling to do anything to exercise any control over the global oligarchy that’s becoming more and more dictatorial?”

The student is from Eastern Europe, obviously.