Building Project

I was going to demolish my deck and build a new one. Obviously, I’d hire a company to do it. But is it a bad idea to do it right now because materials are so expensive? Should I wait a year?

Is there anybody here who understands this kind of thing?

Who Is Pro-screen Time?

Notice who is posting this garbage. It’s the same people who tell us we’ll own nothing, they’ll own everything, and we’ll eat bugs, live in pods staring at screens and having no human contact – and we’ll love it.

The Con

I detest Milton Friedman but I’d prefer him to Warren in a heartbeat. At least, he was honest. Warren is facilitating one of the largest transfers of capital from taxpayers to large corporate players. Her role in this con trick is to distract the marks with this kind of word soup and let them get robbed while they debate the dictionary definitions of words she haphazardly strings together for her pronouncements.