Inner World

Klara plays on her own for hours, and I’m in paradise. She plays with other kids a lots and is super sociable, but the capacity to use her inner resources to build imaginary worlds and explore them on her own is precious.

All of the gadgets, social media, YouTube, and all that garbage conspire to rob our children of the capacity to have a rich and complex inner life. They amputate this capacity and then have life-long patients for their medical solutions and eager dupes for their brainwashing.

The efforts I made to give her a chance to develop this inner world, I’m telling you, folks, it was not easy.

Same but Different

A friend is an immigrant from the former USSR. She is desperate, says her 17-year-old has been brainwashed in the local public school. The kid is glassy-eyed. She spouts the CRT slogans about whiteness and racial guilt, sounding like a little Soviet party apparatchik. You can imagine how it feels to a survivor of Soviet totalitarianism to hear this garbage in her own house from a formerly happy, sweet child.

Back in the USSR, though, all of the intelligentsia had to be murdered, exiled or forced into silence by terror to make this brainwashing possible. And in the US, it’s the opposite. The intellectuals are the ones who terrorize everybody into compliance with the dogma.