Inner World

Klara plays on her own for hours, and I’m in paradise. She plays with other kids a lots and is super sociable, but the capacity to use her inner resources to build imaginary worlds and explore them on her own is precious.

All of the gadgets, social media, YouTube, and all that garbage conspire to rob our children of the capacity to have a rich and complex inner life. They amputate this capacity and then have life-long patients for their medical solutions and eager dupes for their brainwashing.

The efforts I made to give her a chance to develop this inner world, I’m telling you, folks, it was not easy.

4 thoughts on “Inner World

  1. Developing imaginative resources in a child is a parent’s hardest and most important task. A child must be provided with the riches of an inner world to fall back on when times require: they may be needed more than once later in life and a child must learn to know that there is more to the world than the merely visible. I cannot imagine a more precious gift from a parent to a child.

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    1. Absolutely! This is one part of parenting that has become dramatically harder because of technology. And the problem is that the parents who grew up without the technology can’t comprehend what it’s doing to a growing brain. It’s too convenient. Too seductive.


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