It’s kind of really funny:

To justify this silliness, they’ll do some inane #DisruptClassics initiative and declare a bunch of YA novels by “gender fluid persons of color” to be the real classics.

The reason why this is being done, though, has nothing to do with race or anything of the kind. Latin and Greek are hard. It’s next to impossible to BS your way through them. Back at Yale, we were required to take Latin for our degree in Romance languages, and the graduate student union was obsessed with getting rid of the requirement. Latin was hard, and almost nobody passed on the first try. Similarly, the union wanted to get rid of grades because grades made things too hard.

The only thing that’s new here is that the students got smart, realized that the adults grow weak in the knees the moment you say “racial equity,” and are using this weakness to get one over on the idiot professors.

Childhood Traumas

Yesterday, very few people came to my garage sale. But they bought the most expensive stuff, netting me almost $300.

Today a lot of people came but they bought really cheap stuff, bringing in $26.

I’m still a lot happier today than I was yesterday because yesterday I felt really unpopular when I sat there alone and nobody was showing up.

Differences in Mentality

Just so you understand differences in mentality. I’ve been telling people that I’m doing a garage sale this weekend. Canadians invariably react with a scared, “did you apply for a permit ahead of time? Are you sure you have the right paperwork? Did you pay the fee?”

After listening to these stories about paperwork and fees, I started bugging people in my HOA about all this stuff. They looked at me dimly and suggested I post a notice about the sale on Facebook. There is no paperwork or fees.

By the way, congratulations to the readers in Quebec for having outdoor dining again! You could have had it this whole time, like we did, but I guess you didn’t submit the paperwork on time.

Outsourced Brains

So you know how everybody always wonders who those people are that sit in their cars alone wearing masks?

I spoke to somebody – a retired college professor – who told me that she recently “misbehaved” by pulling her mask down in the car. It was so hot that the mask was really getting in the way. She felt bad about it but felt she had to do it to continue driving safely. Obviously, this means she always drives in a mask.

But get this. As this person told me this, we were both unmasked, sitting together in a cafe. As we said goodbye, she insisted on giving me a hug. She knows I’m unvaccinated and always unmasked.

I have a feeling that people have completely outsourced their decision-making capacity to the CNN and WashPo. It’s obvious that you are more likely to get infected from a live person you sit next to for 3 hours in a small room than from being alone in a car. This cannot be in dispute.

I just find it very disturbing. It’s one thing when a person washes hands obsessively to get rid of germs. And it’s a completely different thing when she obsessively draws balloons everywhere to get rid of germs.

The Usual Suspects

The Mexican president has banned job outsourcing.

Immediately, the US media started saying he’s “destroying democracy.” I can’t wait to hear how he’s sexist, racist, and fascist. Because that’s what they always say about anybody who isn’t subservient to the oligarchy. Especially a Mexican who isn’t weepy and pathetic.