What’s Happening in Peru?

Folks, did you see what’s happening in Peru? My Peruvian relatives are in a state of panic. The presidential election is between a crazy Marxist guy controlled by Cubans and Venezuelan Chavistas and Keiko Fujimori, a corrupt daughter of the former dictator Fujimori.

And a week ago there was a massacre in Peru that was possibly organized by the Sendero Luminoso, the Maoist terrorist group that was very active in the 1980s but never really went away.

The Peruvian relatives say there will be a civil war if the crazed Marxist plant wins. I’m very worried. I can’t believe Latin America is going back to the destructive, ridiculous fantasies of the 1970s that destroyed the region. I mean, yes, I absolutely can believe it. I’ve been teaching about the likelihood of this happening for several years. I don’t want to believe it, though.

7 thoughts on “What’s Happening in Peru?

  1. What’s happening in Peru is what’s always happened in Peru (and more broadly, Latin America in general). It’s catastrophic elite failure (hopelessly incompetent and corrupt elites strangling the majority of good and decent people who end up chasing dangerous and unworkable policies).
    Can you imagine what Peru (and Latin America in general) would be like if it weren’t ruled by thieving, human shits?
    Part of elite failure is they end up making Cuba and Venezuela look like role models worthy of emulation.


    1. Yes, absolutely. But at least people could stop chasing the Cuban scenario. It’s been done, over and over again, and the results are always worse than what there was before.

      Of course, the choice between Keiko and the Putin plant is hardcore. I wouldn’t want to have to make that choice.

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    2. cliff, I think you’re spot on. Neighboring Colombia has a very right-wing government and they’ve made a huge mess of the whole pandemic. This really transcends political spectrum; they’re all inept.


  2. Could the pandemic be disproportionately affecting conservative/right-wing governments in the Americas? I’m starting to see a trend:
    United States, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Chile. The pandemic seems to have resulted, or will result in a change of conservative governments.

    Where as left-wing/liberal countries seem to be less in trouble:
    Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Venezuela. I’m especially surprised with Mexico and Venezuela, they seem very stable in the face of the pandemic.

    Things definitely seem to be starting to move leftward.


    1. This was a trend from before the virus. The virus accelerated it, for sure, but the trend was already there.

      Thing is, there are different kinds of left in Latin America. The Left like Mexico’s AMLO is the left I like. AMLO has no interest in the Cuban scenario. He and El Salvador’s Nayib Bukele are the current Latin American leaders I like. For now. Who knows, they can both go nuts at any time. I initially liked the Bolivian Evo Morales. Then he became a corrupt dictatorial pedo.

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  3. We have been keeping an eye on it, and it’s not looking good 😦 Fujimori runs every election on the “get my dad out of jail” platform, which has proven universally unpopular. The commie has a pretty good chance. Probably best-case scenario here is, whoever wins, they almost immediately get arrested and put in jail (with the last… four?… presidents) for corruption.

    We are concerned.

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