Childish Politics

If you are babysitting a group of 4-year-olds, you know that you can’t praise one without praising the rest. They aren’t yet emotionally equipped to realize that praise received by a friend doesn’t put them in any danger.

As they grow, kids get over it. At least, they are supposed to. Healthy human development leads you to knowing how to deal with praise received by others without falling apart.

This simple and self-evident process, however, is not accessible to the woke crowd. Leftists think that praising one person or group means condemning all others. This is why I had to explain at length why using the words “Hispanic civilization” in a course title doesn’t mean I’m suggesting that somebody else (I wonder who) is “a savage.”

Much of what people take for a political position is in reality a product of immaturity. And it’s obviously not just a thing on the left. If you are in doubt, I suggest you subscribe to the Twitter of a couple of libertarian groups. Or “trad” groups.


What is this if not projection? These people are ascribing their nasty, disgusting feelings to all of us. Never in my life would it occur to me to see some kids as troublemakers because of their race. But of course it’s easier to hide a tree in a forest, so the nasty people who have these feelings try to ascribe them to all of us to feel better about themselves. “Oh, it’s not me who’s racist. It’s everybody!” No, it’s actually you, buddy. You stink.

Don’t Outsource

The reason why I’m so certain of the things I say about COVID is because I put in the work. I practically picked up a new career in a field that I have no interest in. I read and read and read, dragging myself through forests of incomprehensible jargon. As a result, I can know and not guess.

A new study just came out showing that HCQ+AZM dramatically improve the chances of COVID patients on ventilators. Just as I’ve been saying since October. HCQ+AZM work. I had to find out because I needed to know what treatment to insist on if I caught it in a serious form. I read dozens of clinicians who were using the HCQ+AZM protocols. And then I knew.

So it annoys me when people say “your guess is as good as mine.” No, it’s not. Unless you invested at least half as much time into studying it as I did.

First, people outsource the control over the information they consume to the NYTimes, and then they get upset with those of us who didn’t.