Crazy Glue

The anti-lockdown crowd is all 40+-years-old. That is, the generation that isn’t suffering that badly from the lockdowns. It’s easier to find an 88-year-old who is passionately against the lockdowns than an 18yo or 28yo.

The anti-CRT crowd is all oldsters. Sometimes, a crazy mom drags out some poor 8yo and forces the kid to recite something for the crowd but other than that it’s all middle-aged people. Where are the actual 18-year-olds who are being told that being black makes them pathetic losers who’ll never amount to anything?

Where are the young people who are – I’m not even saying protesting but at least having some reaction to being so obviously and cynically duped about college loan forgiveness? Where are the young people speaking out against being priced out of real estate by Blackrock and Co? The only folks who have a problem with it already have houses that are mostly paid off.

I’ll tell you where they are. Watch the cartoon I posted last night. That’s where they are. They are glued to their devices, awaiting the orders from some rich bastard to join some neoliberal BLM or climate shock troop.

So please don’t tell me that the destruction of human subjectivity by surveillance capitalism is not a big deal. It’s a very, very big deal. We are soon not going to have any people capable of questioning anything that the owners of social media companies want them to believe.

One thought on “Crazy Glue

  1. Some people like being a victim, it is a good excuse. In my corner of academia, this translates to “I did not get a grant/got my paper rejected/got bad teaching evaluations/something else bad happened because I am XYZ ethnicity/race/gender”, there is an implicit bias against people like me. Is there a bias? Perhaps. However, the worst thing a person can do in that situation is to blame every failure on this bias. Most of us know that rejections and failures are common in academia (and beyond), being resilient is a must. However, the social media tends to amplify this victim mentality, where you end up getting a lot of sympathy and likes for being a victim. I do not know how to politely explain to some of these people that this is not a healthy way to think or go through life. It is not possible to fix other people’s behavior (although many are trying), the only thing one can do is to decide how to deal with the failure and how to go forward. I do what I can to give advice on writing or navigating some situations when asked for help, but I am not brave enough to tell these people to stop wasting their mental energy on being a victim.

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