Talent Is Talent

Folks, here’s a really funny, very well-written article. The author is probably one of those pronoun-listing AOC supporters but he’s talented.

One thought on “Talent Is Talent

  1. It’s only a joke because the crowd is small.

    I watched Glenn Loury interview with Charles Murray yesterday where Glenn mentioned the “Spiral of Silence” theory written by Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann. Charles said a backlash is coming from people who are fed up with CRT and DEI efforts. He suggested the white middle class is quietly seething over such things. I believe many of these feel the same about the “race issue” as they do about their second amendment rights. So while this article may be funny to read, it’s not going to be so funny when this silent majority explodes onto the streets in a cacophony of sound. The media has tried to silence this segment of the population, but if the Trump rallies were any indication (and the stores that sells weapons an accurate barometer) the tidal wave is coming.

    Some have postulated that America is headed towards an event that resembles the French Revolution. I don’t know if that is true or not. The population seems subdued and mostly inebriated by the lying media and their creature comforts (television and digital devices). But I wonder if there were an event that triggers the middle class into action – what–if anything–could the government do (outside of shooting them down in the streets) to stop them. The elites seem to understand this and are manipulating the population appropriately.

    To be honest, I keep going back to your “Special Cookie” comment from months ago. You said it will be hardest for those who think they are “special cookies”– i.e., those who think they know and understand what is happening but are actually deceived. That is why I continue to question everything.


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