Polish Names

So I followed this Polish guy with an unpronounceable name on Twitter. Then I started noticing that he keeps getting unfollowed by my account. I refollowed him again and again.

Then I started noticing that he contradicts himself a lot on the basic details of his life. That was confusing. Why tell such obvious lies?

It was only today that I realized that I’ve followed a whole collection of Polish guys with unpronounceable names thinking they all were that original guy.

They are all really smart so I’m glad.


You don’t need Dr Mengele to conduct medical experiments on Jewish children. All you need is to brainwash their parents.

Coerced into Participating

Even paying for a Christian school doesn’t allow one to avoid leftist lunacy. I have to fill out a state-mandated form that asks me what sex was “assigned at birth” to my child. This is stupid and insulting. My child wasn’t assigned anything. She is a female child. We knew this at 12 week gestation through a blood test I took.

Then right next to it, there’s a question of “what’s your child’s gender?” Because I’m now not allowed by the state of Illinois to be a GC feminist who doesn’t believe in “gender” as a category separate from biological sex.

What I really detest is that we aren’t given an option not to participate in the unscientific insanity. By providing an answer – any answer – I agree that there is such a thing as “assigned sex” that can be different from “gender.” I’m being coerced by the power of the state to participate in spreading vicious, hateful beliefs that are not mine.

It looks like a small thing but it’s not. This kind of coercion seeps out of seemingly innocent school forms and infects everything. I’m being forced to participate in spreading an ideology that mutilates children. We are all being forced to do these distasteful, horrid things, and there’s nowhere to go to protest because our input is not solicited. We are simply told that we have to applaud when children are being hurt.

No Fun Travel

My sister must really love me extraordinarily much to attempt a trip from Canada with two small children to see me. The whole process of traveling these days is such an incredible, ridiculous, expensive hassle that nobody would undergo it without a very potent reason.

Traveling for fun is dying. At least for those who aren’t quite rich. And I mean, not what we considered rich before. But really rich. Global elite rich.

Stalled Vacation

I was supposed to start my vacation today but I came by the office to grab a book and. . . things developed from there to the point where I couldn’t leave for six hours.

The lab workers and the secretary have been giving me dirty looks. I’m not a mean, demanding boss. I mostly mind my own business. But they are normal people and would feel happier without me around.

Unfortunately, I just realized that I need to pick up another book from the office tomorrow.