There’s something deeply wrong with these parents. There’s no chance this was their first or last time to harm her.

All children love their parents, no matter how shitty those parents are. But far from all parents love their children. I feel enormous compassion for this girl but nothing but disgust for these abominable parents.

We won’t move ahead as a culture unless we start recognizing parental responsibility for their children. We treat rancid bastards like these as some sort of a victim instead of showering them with opprobrium. This woman who’s weeping crocodile tears shouldn’t be able to show her face outside for years after this. Instead, she’s being lionized.

Diversity Scam

Museums started selling off paintings by great artists to anonymous private collectors. They are justifying it with the woke blabber about diversity, “white men,” and all that.

Behind every leftist slogan – every single one – there’s some rich bastard making a profit. The very same rich people who are forcing us to adopt this leftist philosophy are ending up with this great art in their private collections. We can’t see these pictures because they are too unwoke. But the people who invented “diversity and inclusion” can see them and own them.

This is all a trick, folks. A scam.


On the subject of women being beaten for opposing male abusers and child molesters:

There are dozens of videos like these. But we don’t hear about any of this. Instead we spent months on some rich, stupid actress #MeTooing about her unsuccessful efforts to prostitute herself.

Addiction Woes

I don’t understand why people are defending the pothead athlete with weird nails. If she’s so hopelessly addicted that she can’t stay off drugs even when a trip to the Olympics is at stake, she should definitely not be going anywhere but to rehab. This is not a casual user. Is there a mood-altering substance you couldn’t give up temporarily for a professional opportunity of a lifetime?

No, it’s not a performance-enhancing drug. It’s a drug that – especially in somebody this severely addicted – can cause erratic behavior, violence, psychosis, etc. And this is not even counting what might happen if she can’t immediately access the drug and starts jonesing. Why are very unwell people like this woman needed at the Olympics?

It’s also disappointing that instead of inspiring us to lead healthy lives, the Olympics are parading a cast of unhealthy weirdos. First, it was a man on a women’s weightlifting team. Then a neurotic hammer thrower. Now there’s a junkie on the runners’ team. I’m sure the majority of athletes are normal people but nobody talks about them.

Feminism Needed

For years, I’ve said that the feminist work in developed countries is done because there are no laws that curtail the rights of women.

But it is no longer true. It’s becoming legal in a growing number of countries to place vulnerable, helpless women at the mercy of male predators. Women are raped in jails by male rapists who “identify as” women to gain access to a pool of helpless potential victims. For those who have zero knowledge on this subject: you don’t need to do anything to “identify as” a woman. You just need to declare your intention. To put it bluntly, these male rapists in female jails have intact penises.

Here in the US, there are states where male perverts are legally allowed to exhibit their very male genitals to women against the women’s will. Women aren’t allowed to complain because it’s now illegal. (Google the recent situation involving a male flasher at a salon in Cali if you don’t believe me). Flashers have always existed but now it’s actually illegal for women to refuse to be victimized by them if the pervs “identify as” women.

In a growing number of places women who question all this get fired, persecuted, and even arrested (Google Marion Millar if you think I’m exaggerating). Women are placed in danger and often have grievous bodily harm inflicted on them to please a tiny group of angry, entitled men.

Feminism is once again very much needed. We are slipping into a situation where if a woman calls the police on a man who exposes himself to her, she’s the one who’ll be arrested. One of the greatest achievements of civilization is that in some places on this planet women don’t have to see penises unless they want to. Once you experience the alternative, you really begin to value this civilizational advance.

I gave one link but there are hundreds. This is a serious, serious issue and it’s getting worse. Tons of pervs, rapists and abusers use this “identify as” insanity to victimize women. They beat women in the streets, assault lesbians. It’s bad, folks. This is the true feminist cause of our times. And of course it’s barely ever reported.

P.S. Here’s an article on how schools in Virginia are embracing this insanity. The only conclusion any sane parent can draw is that girls can’t participate in any of these activities without consenting to be molested.