There’s something deeply wrong with these parents. There’s no chance this was their first or last time to harm her.

All children love their parents, no matter how shitty those parents are. But far from all parents love their children. I feel enormous compassion for this girl but nothing but disgust for these abominable parents.

We won’t move ahead as a culture unless we start recognizing parental responsibility for their children. We treat rancid bastards like these as some sort of a victim instead of showering them with opprobrium. This woman who’s weeping crocodile tears shouldn’t be able to show her face outside for years after this. Instead, she’s being lionized.

3 thoughts on “Murderous

  1. I am very sorry for the girl as well. I am having a hard time understanding any parent who signs up their healthy child for a medical trial. What are they thinking? Children should be the most precious people in every parent’s life. Our job is to protect them, not expose them to unknown harms from experimental medication. I can, somehow, understand parents who line up after the approval is given, but doing it before takes a special level of stupidity.

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  2. Combine the decades of commodifying children with a culture that eagerly consigns all knowledge, safety, and protection to “the professionals.” Of course you end up with a parent who blindly trusts the vaccine manufacturer to use her child as a guinea pig.

    The Senator did not mis-speak when he wrote that these parents “wanted their kids to help bring an end to the pandemic.” He just didn’t lay it out completely. What these parents wanted was for their kids to be the vessels through which the parents would glean pats on the back and the “oh, you’re so brave” praises of like-minded fools. That is, they wanted to be the same kind of “brave” as anyone with the guts to come out as anti-Trump at the Oscars, which is to say these parents never thought there was going to be any actual risk, just pure reward.

    When the mother says things like “I never thought she would be in any danger, I never thought the vaccine manufacturers would do this trial if there was this kind of risk involved.” she is really just too cowardly to say what is really the case: she never thought at all.

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  3. Is this better or worse than the way vaccine trials usually go, where children are concerned? I meany, normally, when it comes time to test it on children, they go test it on some African village where they don’t have to bother with anything like informed consent, and nobody in the US will ever hear about the horrid results.

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