Feeling American

Nothing makes me feel more American than waiting for Canadian relatives to arrive. And on July 4, too!

My sister sent me photos of her and the kids on the flight, and I almost didn’t recognize them. I haven’t seen them for exactly 18 months. (We talk on the phone constantly, for hours, but we don’t do Zoom meetings.)

By the way, nobody asked the 5-year-old to wear a mask in the airports or on either flight.

Vacation Time

The only people I know who won’t be traveling in July are two very heavily pregnant women and their husbands. Everybody else is off to a vacation destination.

It’s only when you hear about everybody’s travel plans that you realize that it is really over. The collective insanity of our times is done and over.

International Insanity of the Left

For those who speak Spanish, here’s an example of how the international left is following orders from the American left. This is an image shared by Spain’s far-left party that’s ruling in coalition with the Socialists:

Look at the part I circled in red. Horrid.

Also, the first point on the list is quite terrifying. These are deeply perverted people who hate language, hate civilization, and really really hate children.