Government’s Freedom of Speech

By definition, whatever is taught in a public school is government-mandated speech. Hence, the concept of “freedom of speech” is not applicable to the public school curriculum.

I find it quite unbelievable that people don’t get this. The constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech prohibits the government from punishing individuals for saying things that the government doesn’t like. It doesn’t protect the government from having to hear things it doesn’t like.

Governments don’t have freedom of speech. The concept is ludicrous. Who would they be free from?

Mask Logic

I brought the kids on campus but we were stopped by the Steen gentleman at the student center.

“The kids have to be masked!” he announced. “I can provide masks but I can’t let you in without them.”

We agreed to masks and took a bunch from the gentleman. I started putting them on the kids but he stopped me. “Oh, it’s enough if you just carry them in your pocket,” he said. “They don’t have to actually wear them.”