Lockdown Aftermath

Harsh Canadian lockdowns have taken a severe toll on my sister. She keeps cooking. She cooked more for me this week than she’d done in our whole life before. I stumble into the kitchen in the morning, and she sticks a plate of freshly made pancakes and a cup of coffee into my face. And they are good, too.

I can just imagine them all sitting there in lockdown and cooking, cooking, cooking. Creepy.

Link of the Day

A really fascinating (if tendentious and wokeish) article on how the original sounds of Hagia Sophia were recreated.

The full recordings are on YouTube.

What a gigantic civilizational loss. There’s a gaping hole in place of the way of interacting with the world expressed by this building, this music, and this faith.


The President of the US and the WH press secretary say government officials will be going door to door, trying to convince unvaccinated people to take the COVID vaccine.

My question is, if this is OK, why is it not OK for the next president or the one after to send government officials door to door to visit women who have had abortions to try to convince them not to have any in the future? Why is it not OK to send them to visit STD patients to get chastity pledges from them? Why isn’t it OK to visit diabetics and remove junk food from their kitchens?

There are all sorts of health choices that are not uniformly supported. If we are now openly into biopolitics, why be shy? Let’s hound as many people as possible for not following the mandate du jour.