This is getting comical:

Remember double masking? This vaccine thing is going in the same direction.

The Unclean Caste

Our university is going to force all professors to get tested for COVID weekly. Unless they can demonstrate vaccination.

This is a sneaky way to force people to reveal private medical information, punish those who don’t conform, and split the workers into “clean” and “unclean” categories.

COVID positivity rates on campus have been at 0% for many months. None of this is done in response to any medical necessity. I taught in person since last August without these weekly tests. Or any tests. Nothing changed in me. But the procedure is becoming a lot more onerous.

Eternal Crisis

In Spain, the ultra-left coalition of power is preparing a legislation that will allow the government to declare a state of emergency and expropriate the citizens’ property whenever it likes. The “emergency” can be medical, environmental, or pretty much anything.

The legislation will effectively cancel the freedom of expression during these emergencies, forcing the media to publish only the information mandated by the government.

The legislation also allows the government to treat the population as military conscripts. This means that during the emergency du jour you’ll have to follow orders and abdicate your will to your superiors.

The legislation gives the government the right to enter your living quarters without a warrant and remove you from there at any time.

This is a suspension of the constitution for the duration of the crisis. And once again, everything can be deemed a crisis. Remember “you will own nothing”? This is what it looks like.

In the US we are two elections away from this kind of thing. The party that created this legislation in Spain came into existence as an anti-austerity party less than a decade ago. And look what they are doing. There is no left anymore that isn’t owned by World Bank. It’s done, it’s gone. Whatever it was in 1972, today it’s this. Austerity, exploitation, oppression.