Love Tucker but how does he always alight on every Putinoid plant in existence within seconds of the plant being planted?

Just the other day, there was a Twitter thread by a previously unknown Putinoid. Out of a million of Twitter threads one could have chosen, Tucker featured this one on the show.

Obviously, Tucker doesn’t write his own material. There’s somebody on his team who’s trying to set him up. And it’s working because he’s now being investigated by the NSA. I’m worried. Without Tucker, we are left with exactly zero journalists with the nation-wide reach who aren’t complete lackeys to the neoliberal left.

Disappointing Shot

I took my Canadian sister to get COVID-vaccinated in the neighborhood pharmacy, and it was such a letdown! Instead of a sticker with a bar code like she got for her first shot back in Canada, in the US she only got a handwritten date and signature. I could have signed the paper for her, sparing her the bother of getting the shot!

The only reason why she agreed to get these shots was to avoid being locked up at a detention facility when she gets back. And now we don’t know if crazy Canadians will accept the handwritten proof of vaccination.

By the way, the stories she tells me about COVID lunacy in Canada are beyond anything that I knew or could imagine. We are so fortunate to be American, for real. Even those of us who live in deep blue states like Illinois.

Energy Hack #31

If you are constantly running low on energy, it helps to get a bunch of bright orange objects and put them in places you will catch a glimpse of them throughout the day. I use little hand towels for this purpose. Bright yellow will work, too. It’s an instant jolt of energy, better than coffee. And I really REALLY like coffee.

And if you suffer from anxiety and stress, it’s really important to spend at least 10 minutes a day staring at some greenery. Trees, bushes, whatever. If you can be outside and breathe deeply while looking at the greenery, even better.