Say “Moo”

This insanity was prompted by a single death of a lady in her nineties who, aside from COVID, was probably in excellent health. I have no doubt age was all ready to participate in the Olympics when COVID attacked.

This could all end today if people simply decided to stop lining up like stupid, patient cows.

P.S. If anybody is tempted to use the word “cases” in a comment to this post, I kindly ask that person to reread the sentence about patient cows.

3 thoughts on “Say “Moo”

  1. …and this is stopping the virus, how, exactly? Even if all the propaganda were true, this is ridiculous. I said at the very beginning of this “pandemic”, masks won’t stop a virus. The virus will be what it is. I know you want people to stop lining up like cows, but they truly seem incapable of thinking otherwise. How long will it be before the dystopian movies of the 70’s come to pass? (Soylent Green)


    1. Did you see Thailand? A major wave is happening. And that’s after all the screeching about how Thailand avoided COVID because they are masking so conscientiously.

      I wonder how long it takes to realize that this virus is endemic. It simply is. It will come no matter what you do. Lose weight, exercise, take vitamin D, go outside. When it comes, you’ll be better prepared to let your body fight it. That’s all.

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  2. This is nothing but a waste of resources. When you have shortages of swabs, reagents, pipettes, and staff, this is the absolute last thing you need.

    Right now there’s a shortage in medical-grade plastics world-wide. It’s not hard to see why, after seeing this.


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