The Language of Neoliberalism

I’m reading a book whose author tries to denounce neoliberalism in academia yet she uses neoliberal terminology like “emotional labor” and analyzes the grievances of a tiny identity subgroup.

Remember, neoliberal mentality turns every aspect of life into a marketplace. Talking about playing with your kids or sitting with an elderly relative as “uncompensated work” is neoliberal in the extreme. So is ditching the concept of workers in favor of a worldview that revolves around minuscule identity subgroups battling for scarce resources. The moment you hear things like “queer gender fluid academics of color,” please know that you are in the presence of a neoliberal ideologue.

Army of Kids

I have never seen the airport terminal that serves Florida destinations this busy. And I travel every year at this time. It’s absolute insanity here. Everybody is in masks except for us, and nobody is saying anything.

I brought the kids to buy jelly beans, and the Muslim woman at the cash register started praising me effusively for having so many kids. I’m hoping she didn’t think my sister, who dresses very young, is one of my army of kids, too.