Different Heat

Today, I walked for 30 minutes in the afternoon heat along a busy road that’s undergoing construction and felt amazing. (If you are from this area in Florida, I won’t have to explain about the eternal construction on Estero).

Back home, I hide from the heat indoors for months and still feel like I’ve been run over by a gigantic, angry lawnmower.

It’s not the hot weather I find so hard to tolerate. It’s the particular brand of hot weather nastiness that characterizes Southern Illinois.

Maybe I should look for a job in Florida. It would be such a relief not to feel like an invalid several months out of a year.

Caviar Lentils

I made a dish of chorizo caviar lentils with tomatoes and fresh herbs today that is a work of art. I travel with a collection of condiments to make this possible.

Caviar lentils are small black lentils. I no longer wear black clothes but I love black foods. There’s no actual caviar in the dish.

Too Much Choice

There are two categories of clothes in which I have a superabundance of items: house dresses and night gowns.

I brought a lot of stuff to Florida but no house dresses or night gowns. There was so much choice and choosing which ones to bring took so much time that I forgot to pack any.

This is what happens to some people’s personal lives. They options are so abundant that they end up with none.