Rooting for Idiocy

Fully vaccinated Boris Johnson is self-isolating after being in contact with somebody who had a positive COVID test.

Maybe Johnson is an idiot.

Or maybe he isn’t.

I’m very much rooting for the former right now.

10 thoughts on “Rooting for Idiocy

  1. If one had any doubts before, now they are definitely dispelled.

    Still, the root cause is that being vaccinated does NOT prevent infection, and once infected even vaccinated people may be contagious and become asymptomatic spreaders of the virus. Now the mind boggles: what kind of a vaccine is this that allows people to become infected or even get ill, albeit in milder form? I don’t understand how that can be and I cannot fathom why hardly anyone is drawing attention to this fact. If one gets vaccinated against polio one does not get polio. Can someone with a scientific background explain this to me or refer to reliable sources?


    1. “hardly anyone is drawing attention to this fact”

      Yep I keep asking this and keep not getting anything like a sensible answer. But basically, either vaccines work very differently from what we’ve been told or these aren’t vaccines…. not sure what other options there are.


      1. Unfortunately, I do not think we understand enough about this new treatment. First, as Cliff already pointed out, these vaccines are different from traditional vaccines. Second, I am not convinced that there is enough evidence from trials that these vaccines actually prevent a serious illness. There is definitely not enough evidence for this from trials on teenagers as they were too small. Another explanation is that the mRNA treatments work well but prevent the illness only temporarily (~3-4 months from the second dose), so what we are seeing now is the vaccine failure. It is not completely unheard of that you need vaccine boosters after a period of time (say 10 years for tetanus vaccine, for example), however, needing a booster after a 2-dose vaccine 4 months after the second dose sounds crazy to me. Is there hardly anyone drawing attention to this? Who knows, with all the censorship everywhere…


      2. “But basically, either vaccines work very differently from what we’ve been told or these aren’t vaccines…. not sure what other options there are.”

        Put simply, regular vaccines come in two forms. The first is of a kind that presents fragments of a virus to the immune system for the immune system to detect and inform itself about, which is followed by immunity being generated. These fragments are called antigens. Only a certain amount of antigen is administered to the person, which does not change and is not multiplied.

        The second kind of vaccine is one that presents a modified, weakened pathogen to the immune system, that is partly made up of antigens that also appear on the actual dangerous pathogen being immunised against. Sometimes that pathogen is genetically engineered, with an example being, say, when a relatively harmless virus is altered genetically so that a spike protein or something appears on it.

        In the case of the latter, the pathogen, which in our example is a relatively harmless virus that has a spike protein on it, tries to invade cells and replicate itself. It isn’t simply a pile of dead fragments as in the first kind of vaccine. Since it attempts to invade cells and replicate itself, the number of virions and therefore amount of antigens in the body for the immune system to react to is increased and multiplied.

        The new kinds of so-called vaccines being produced today, being mRNA vaccines, are basically a blob of mRNA surrounded by a layer of fat. In a sense, they are almost an artificial virus, because they get into cells, hijack cellular machinery, and cause the cell to make many copies of whatever virus is coded for by the mRNA within the artificial virus/mRNA vaccine, which is supposed to be the antigen for the immune system to recognise.

        In order for these new vaccines to be successful, they must have the correct mRNA inside them with which to create the correct protein antigen for the immune system to recognise on the actual SARS-CoV-2 virus plus any variant of it. At this point in time, no one is sure if it is possible to achieve that, given how quickly the virus mutates.

        Also in order for the new vaccine to be successful, the amount of immunity, being antibodies of whatever kind, must be produced in sufficient quantity and last for a sufficiently long time, which is different from pathogen to pathogen. At this point in time, no one has been able to produce a vaccine that causes production of a known, sufficient quantity of effective antibody. Nor has anyone gotten any antibody to last for a long enough time, since it seems that this virus in particular causes the production of the kind of antibodies that dissolve relatively quickly ie months.

        Lastly in order for the new vaccine to be successful, the protein produced after it enters the cell must not be overly damaging to the rest of the body. This is where all of these so called vaccines seem to fail very badly, because each vaccine particle that enters a cell causes the production of about 2000 protein particles (last time I read), which are spike proteins.

        As it turns out, the spike protein itself, which attaches to the ACE2 receptor that is found in practically every organ system, is toxic. It attaches to generally the same kinds of cells that the actual virus attaches itself to, causes generally the same harm to those cells (cell death, usually), and so produces side effects that are practically identical to what the actual virus does – which is what you’d expect since it is affecting/killing the same cells.

        I have personally never heard of any vaccine maker producing a vaccine that causes the body to produce the exact protein that a virus uses to damage the body, since any vaccine maker who did that has obviously chosen the wrong protein antigen to replicate and should have chosen another protein instead.

        Any vaccine made in that way is not fit for use, because vaccines shouldn’t be toxic to that degree in that way.

        So, the reason that Boris is staying home in isolation is because he was fully vaccinated with a so-called vaccine that may or may not produce the correct antibody for whichever variants of virus is going around, which may or may not produce enough antibody or lasting antibodies enough to actually constitute immunity, which, altogether, means that he cannot reliably be said to be immune to the virus, while whatever he was injected with may not reliably be said to be a vaccine either.

        This is why drug development shouldn’t be rushed. People shouldn’t call half developed products “vaccines”. They should call them “half developed immunotherapy” or something so that people don’t get their hopes up or get confused, because imo this whole thing is a shambles.


        1. George, thank you. That first is basically my understanding of how traditional vaccines work. I won’t pretend to understand the second (beyond the broadest outlines) but… yike and I don’t understand how people who know what they’re doing think it’s a good idea.

          My own idea was basically that the vaccines are mostly placebos to get people to accept restrictions (with the prospect of a light at the end of the tunnel) until fall rolls around and everything gets shut down again…

          Now I wonder if that’s not too optimistic….


        2. @ Avi: anytime.

          @ cliff arroyo: I know with certainty that the vaccines are not placebos. They are real products, with quite a bit of effort being expended to collect information about how they work, side effects etc because what is really going on is a gigantic drug test for a new class of drugs – mRNA therapy.

          Since many diseases are caused by a lack of a particular protein or perhaps too much of it being produced at a certain point in the human beings life (especially in the case of developmental disorders), any drug company able to produce a therapy that replaces the missing protein or that can interfere with production of any proteins in excess will be able to cure or prevent presently untreatable illnesses, which means that they stand to make an incredible amount of money.

          Future generations will probably benefit quite a bit but those alive in the present are basically lab rats.


          1. All true.

            My friend who is a scientist in pharmaceutical industry says that these mRNAs aren’t new. They’ve been in development for quite a few years. But they just didn’t work. The animals kept dying or showing bad side effects. But at least now there’s a whole planet full of willing and eager lab rats, so the developers of this therapy are once again hopeful.


  2. They keep talking about how unvaccinated individuals are vectors for variants—but leaky vaccines like this one are a serious problem that can result in particularly nasty viral variants themselves.


    1. It was clear from the start that these vaccines weren’t going to work for a rapidly mutating virus. I don’t want to imagine the freakout when it becomes obvious that this vaunted solution to the pandemic isn’t going to work.


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