Free Medication

Isn’t it weird that everybody gets COVID-vaccinated for free in the US, even foreign nationals? Why is taxpayer money being spent on vaccinating foreigners from countries with “free healthcare”?

If they had money to travel, why don’t they have money to pay for their own medication? We aren’t distributing free insulin or Tylenol, are we?

Wealth Inequality

I could never understand why I should care about this kind of thing:

Last week I talked to an incoming student who is 24. She recently bought a house with her 23-year-old husband. I know the neighborhood. It’s very cute. I haven’t heard any information on things being a lot easier for a young couple in France, Italy, or Japan. If life is better here, who cares that somebody has more than most?

What’s really interesting, though, is that the people who do care have absolutely no problem with a transfer of billions of dollars of taxpayer money to Pfizer and Moderna for “free vaccines.” COVID created 40 new billionaires in the pharma industry. It exploded Walmart’s profits by allowing it to eat thousands of small businesses. All of this was aggressively defended and promoted by the people who can’t stop fretting about “wealth inequality.”

Precious Vessel

As if I wasn’t already getting about 5 million more emails than I want to get, now people have to follow up on each email that sets up a meeting with another email to clarify how I feel about meeting in person and not on Zoom.

I’ve been physically present at work in my office every work day since July 1, 2020. Now they are asking me if I’m comfortable? Stop treating me like a precious vessel already.