You know how a drug addict who kicked the habit comes into a room, sees a full syringe, and slams it into his vein because you never truly kick the habit?

I’m that addict. I came into my sister’s room and saw a substance my body can no longer tolerate: unshelled sunflower seeds. But an addict is always an addict. I inhaled a bunch and now await the consequences in fear.

Strangely, the only side effect of my gallbladder surgery is that I can’t tolerate anything coming from sunflowers. Seeds, oil – it all makes me feel as if the gallbladder were still in place and hurting like a bastard.

Canadian Voting

Canadians, who are you going to vote for on the federal level? Erin O’Toole is a total tool. I just saw him abusing reporters, getting people arrested, horrid. Obviously, we don’t have any Trudeau fans here on the blog. What are the options? Who’s sane?

The pickings seem very slim.