Out of Pocket

Defund the police = pay out of pocket for policing:


And those who can’t pay are superfluous anyway.

Make Your Bed

The process of buying a bed in the US is intensely weird. I’ve been trying to buy a bed for Klara for months and I’m failing. I find a bed at a store and tell the store assistant that I want to buy it for my kid to sleep. But it turns out that unless you can name all the parts of the bed (and unlike everywhere else in the world, a bed has five million parts with confusing, weird names), you won’t get an actual bed delivered. You’ll get unusable parts. And then an endless dialogue begins of “oh, so you also needed railings / foot board / box spring / bolts to connect one to the other! You should have said that from the start!”

Seriously, how am I supposed to know about the bolts? I just want a usable bed! When I go to a restaurant, nobody expects me to recite the whole list of ingredients for each dish. “Oh, you wanted salt on yours? You never said that!” When I buy a dress at a store, it’s assumed that the buttons and the pockets are already on there if they were on the display model.

I’ve just had my fourth frustrated bed delivery and I don’t know what else I can do to transmit the simple idea that I need a bed a person can sleep on.

This is happening with different stores and different beds, so I’m assuming this is a normal practice.

It’s probably a cultural thing because N is just as puzzled as I am.