Out of the Cycle

My completely apolitical husband somehow came across Tucker Carlson’s interview of Viktor Orban before I even knew it existed. It must truly be everywhere.

I’m a little out of the news cycle, and it looks like everybody is far ahead of me. My goal currently is to make sure that my article on the Spanish writer Ana Iris Simón is the first scholarly piece on her. She’s already being accused of being a fascist because she’s not a standard, boring leftie. Somebody needs to write something intelligent about her, and that somebody has to be me. Then, anybody who writes about Simón after me will have to respond to my argument and not to fantasies about fascism ringing in their ears.

Also, I’m reading a hilarious new Spanish novel where a wokester moves to the countryside and tries to convince farmers that milking cows is a form of sexual abuse. He holds workshops on how to abandon heteronormativity, and the villagers treat him like a slightly daft but mostly endearing eccentric.

Only to think how much this woke rot has infected places all the way around the world, and people now have to dig their way from under this insanity.