In Montreal today 100,00+ people marched against vaccine passports. I’m stunned and extremely happy. These are people who still remember the concept of human dignity.

Found a Principle

It’s kind of stunning to see everybody on the right (including me) suddenly praise Biden for withdrawing from Afghanistan. It’s even more bizarre to see the left suddenly criticizing him for, of all things, withdrawing from Afghanistan. I mean, I’m glad they finally found at least one foundational principle but it’s kind of sad that this principle is limited to killing people around the world for their own good. I’m also really glad of being on the side of “mind your own flipping business.”

Humoring Neurotics

How far does it make sense to go to humor a tiny group of neurotics?

Especially if the neurotics only get angrier and more unwell with each concession.

By the way, if you are dealing with a neurotic in your private life, remember that accommodating the neurosis makes it worse. “It doesn’t cost me anything to do this little thing” makes the neurotic sicker and the neurotic’s demands shriller.

Bad Army

I don’t understand how the US even considering staying in Afghanistan can be supported by anything.

Twenty years, dead soldiers, tons of money. And still, a pathetic, humiliating defeat. The US army is a joke. It hasn’t win anything in forever. Yes, yes, it hung around when the USSR won WWII. But since then – crickets. One loss after another. One pathetic defeat after another at the hands of a ragtag gang du jour. With all of the weaponry, with all of the money, this is an outrageously incompetent army. And until it becomes less incompetent, it should stay home and train, or something.

I know this is now going to turn into a debate on the US’s role in WWII but whatever you think about that, it was 75 years ago. Since then, it’s been ludicrous on every level.

Music to My Ears

I didn’t vote for the guy but I really respect this answer:

I don’t even care if he means it or not. This needs to be said, and said, and said some more. And yes, it was a year ago but today it’s very relevant.

Big props.


Even more than forced discussions of woke books, one thing that I hate at work is when we have to get together and “share our struggles.” We are supposed to sit there, for two endless hours, talking about how stressed out and miserable we are at work.

I’m not, though. I’m perfectly fine. I’m energized and enjoying myself. And if I weren’t fine, I’d find comfort in NOT slobbering over colleagues and moaning like a pathetic victim. If I’m unhappy, I have people in my life to go to for support. I don’t need to turn the workplace into a slobberfest.

Why don’t more people take pride in remaining professional in workplace settings?