Peaceful in Kabul

So what is Russian propaganda saying about Afghanistan? Everything is great, things are very peaceful, Taliban is promising to respect everybody’s rights.

In short, they are very content with the situation.

Interesting Development

Wow, I just discovered that the wokest person I know outside of work put her kid in a Christian school for kindergarten, and I just can’t. These are very wealthy people whom I never noticed showing any interest in religion. That Christian school is a lot more hardcore religious than Klara’s. And these are the people who always raised their brows sardonically whenever I mentioned that we go to church.

This is fascinating. Our public schools have sky-high ratings, and they still can’t retain the wealthy, educated crowd.

Geopolitical Situation

Since I’m seeing that this isn’t general knowledge, here goes.

Pakistan and India have a profound dislike of each other. They are both nuclear nations, and India has a gigantic population. The US is propping up a somewhat friendly regime in Pakistan to prevent a nuclear conflict between Pakistan and India. The main goal is to make sure that fundamentalist fanatics don’t take over Pakistan and start lobbing nuclear warheads at India for the glory of Allah. Because then India would respond, and China would stand up for Pakistan, and so on. It’s not pretty.

China hates India. The main fight for global dominance right now is between China and India. Americans can’t process it because they think they are the center of the universe when, in reality, the rest of the world has its own stuff going on. China doesn’t mind bringing Pakistan under the control of crazed fundies to terrorize India and beat it in the competition for global dominance.

So here we have on the one hand pressure from China to give Afghanistan and Pakistan to crazy Talibs to intimidate India. On the other hand, in terms of possible global leadership, I personally think India is a much better bet. They are so diverse and complex that China-style totalitarianism is not really possible. They are a lot more open to adopting Western values. So I’m for India. I mean, I’d happily root for the US but they decided to sit it out, dismantle every advantage, and make itself very uncompetitive.

Americans are #MeTooing and #BLMing themselves into being completely at the mercy of some pretty crazy, nuclear-armed people because we can’t take our heads out of our asses for two seconds and notice that other people exist not only as spectators of our narcissistic, exhibitionist tantrum but as agents of their own self-interest as they themselves understand it.

Never Attribute to Incompetency

This administration withdraws from Afghanistan leaving behind a bunch of American citizens, hundreds of collaborators, and a mountain of brand-new US weaponry and military equipment. Which the Taliban will use to slaughter the abandoned US citizens and collaborators. And then, maybe even invade Pakistan.

Then the US will have to send troops to Pakistan, and there will be a fresh round of this insanity.

Is that the goal? Is that why the withdrawal was done this way? To guarantee another wave of mass migration into Europe and a looming collapse of Pakistan? Obama’s mandate was to destabilize the Middle East and send a wave of migrants to Europe. Is Biden’s mandate to destabilize South Asia?

Folks, I’m starting to fear that we won a battle but lost the war. I think it’s the Obama gambit again. Opposing the war in Iraq because it was old, boring, and not that lucrative any more and supporting a much more promising new war.

I want to be wrong but when did these people ever do anything that didn’t promote neoliberalism?