The Other Side Sucks, Too

One of the leading people in the fight against vaccine passports shared on social media that she got vaccinated. She was coerced into it and didn’t find the strength to resist. But she will continue the fight against vaccine passports.

Immediately, people started hounding her. “You are a traitor, you are a shit, I hope you die.”

And I’m thinking, people, it took you all of one second to turn into exactly the thing you were fighting. You are just as those who are hounding you.

Yes, it’s not everybody and not even the majority. Many vaccinated aren’t cheering on the persecution of the new unclean caste either. But it’s enough people to get us where we are. People with no principles, no compassion but with a burning need for cheap moral superiority.

Pushing the Limit

Another question about hard limits. If unvaccinated people are denied their welfare benefits, such as food stamps, will that be ok with you?

For now, nobody seems to mind when the dirty Jews unvaccinated get fired. Will you be as indifferent if the poor get denied food stamps without proof of vaccination?

The Plans That Matter

Biden says they’ve been planning for vaccine boosters for months. Which can only mean they’ve known for months that effectiveness fades very fast. It’s not surprising. I’ve known it for months, too. But this wasn’t widely publicly known. Nobody ever warned people that the shots they were getting – at the cost of, often, bad side effects – will become useless so fast. And will need to be repeated every few months.

So basically, instead of getting COVID symptoms once, you’ll get COVID-like symptoms (whatever they are for you, ranging from imperceptible to bad) many times. Would have been nice to hear about it a bit earlier.

Also, all those months of preparation to give another gigantic amount of taxpayer money to Pfizer, yet no preparation anyone can notice to evacuate Americans stuck in Afghanistan. Great priorities.

Unpredictable COVID

The funny thing about COVID is that it’s very unpredictable. Of all of us, who’d get it first? You’d think me, right? I work outside the home, I go to restaurants with friends, etc. But no, it was the reclusive N who got it. At least it seems so since he had symptoms (very mild) quite a bit earlier. Then, of course, he gave it to me, and I had bad symptoms. Klara, though, never got it. We all got tested, and she was negative. Obviously, we didn’t isolate her, or anything. I’m thinking she probably had it before but since such little kids don’t manifest or transmit, nobody knew.

I attribute the fact that N got no symptoms to speak of and I got it much worse solely to weight. There should have been a weight-loss program for the past 18 months. That would have been the best way of fighting COVID. Maybe even pay people to lose weight. Instead, we did everything to make people fatter. And still many people don’t know there’s a connection between obesity and bad COVID outcomes.