Pushing the Limit

Another question about hard limits. If unvaccinated people are denied their welfare benefits, such as food stamps, will that be ok with you?

For now, nobody seems to mind when the dirty Jews unvaccinated get fired. Will you be as indifferent if the poor get denied food stamps without proof of vaccination?

22 thoughts on “Pushing the Limit

    1. But are you willing to give up the drug testing, the invasive surveillance in section 8 housing, etc.? What about other vaccination/disease testing requirements–the loyalty oath I believe U of Calif. employees still have to sign to have a job–etc.?


        1. So then your opinions of vaccine mandates are also irrelevant, aren’t they? (It just amazes me that nobody has seemed to care about any of the rest of it–they’re fixated on this vaccine but not on TB tests or all kinds of other routine proof of health or required vaccines one has to have, let alone other forms of invasiveness . . . and although this veers off topic, everyone was all for invading Afghanistan in 2001, and many seemed to think Obama’s 2008 campaign promise to step things up there was great just so long as we got out of Iraq. Anyway, there just does not seem to be a lot of thought involved in any of this vaccine hysteria, just chaotic emotion


          1. Look, snark. I never supported drug testing or surveillance for welfare recipients either. If you’re going to give people money, give them money and have done with it. I grew up with a mother who didn’t know how to give anything without nasty strings attached and I’m allergic to that sort of thing. But nobody asks what I think before making policy, and I’m not receiving welfare, so it’s entirely theoretical for me. the people whose opinions matter in that case are welfare recipients. They’re the ones who have to live with those policies. If your average welfare recipient prefers to be surveilled, that’s his business. And there are lots of reasons he might prefer it: my brother once had to break a lease in a low-income housing complex because he had young kids, and his downstairs neighbor was running some kind of mexican porno palace all day every day: the soundrack of their lives was volume-all-the-way-up gasping and moaning with bad music, while a stream of single men came and went outside. My parents once spent a sleepless evening doing moral support for a sweet lady we knew who lived in public housing: there was a massive dogfight going on in her parking lot, she was afraid to leave her apartment, and afraid to call the cops and risk retaliation. She also couldn’t sleep through the noise of dogs yelping and squealing, and drunken yelling. She found two dead dogs in the complex dumpster the following morning. I know that if I had to deal with that where I live, I would probably welcome cops dropping by at all hours, and security cameras everywhere. But who knows? That sort of thing should be up to the people who have to live with it. Not me.

            Vaccine mandates are not so theoretical for me. Travel is a thing I’ve done, and would like to do with my kids. I’ve belonged to the workforce, and am likely to do so again someday. I do not want to be forced to accept experimental drugs as a prerequisite for either of those things.


      1. Drug testing and loyalty oath don’t put anything into your body that you can never remove. A better analogy would be Tuskegee experiments. I’m completely against a repetition of those. So is the majority of black people who refuse to get vaccinated because they have a historical memory of these mass medical experiments.


  1. I’ve just been informed my company is going to be “a vaccinated company” for the good and benefit of others. Or submit to weekly test on my own time and at my own expense. I work 100% remotely. It’s farsical.

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    1. It’s harassment, pure and simple. I saw in Italy people burned their vaccine passports in solidarity with the unvaccinated. But here, in the land of the free, there’s only sheep.

      Get vaccinated or not, I respect your choice completely. But supporting your brothers and sisters being fired, denied education, turned into an unclean caste – shame on you.

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      1. I agree 100%. I wrote anonymous feedback to my company. I finally answered their 30th request for my vaccination status (they are required to find out about all staff and tell our state funders, with no identifying information, of course. I chose “I do not want to be vaccinated” and was sent an email explaining how to upload my vaccination certificate. I guess they assume we will cave eventually. Fakery was an option but I will not pretend. And I will quit or be fired if necessary, which will be very sad for my company.

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  2. For me, we are already way past that limit. I think it is highly unethical that universities and businesses are putting on vaccine mandates for their employees. I find Biden’s rhetoric that the “unvaccinated are killing people” absolutely despicable; no public person should say such a thing. I am normally a conflict-averse person but I feel so strongly about this that I have recently started speaking up strong anytime someone within my earshot dumps on the unvaccinated. What will happen is beyond my pay-grade, but I won’t stop speaking up!

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  3. For the life of me, I don’t see what a big deal it is about simply getting a vaccination that has been amply demonstrated to be both SAFE and in the vast majority of cases EFFECTIVE in preventing serious illness in people who catch COVID.

    Even if you don’t agree with the medical studies that label COVID a major public heath contagion, the businesses and universities that DO believe the studies have a right to mandate that their employees and students don’t endanger their co-workers/students. If you don’t agree with their conclusion and don’t want to follow their mandate, go work or study someplace else.

    Framing an anti-vaccine stance as a major civil rights or personal freedom/”my-body-my-choice” issue is just silly — it’s not a hill worth dying on, or even raising a big fuss about.

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    1. How are the co-workers endangered here? They are theoretically vaccinated…

      I got the vaccine as soon as it was available, and agree with you about not seeing what the big deal is. But if people don’t want to, I can’t really see an argument for forcing them to that would rely on harm-to-others.

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    2. Dude, Dreidel, being vaccinated doesn’t keep you from spreading the virus. It just (if anything) makes the symptoms less, for the person who got vaccinated. How is it protecting anyone else?? That logic is dead.

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      1. I can’t believe people still think that this vaccine prevents infection. It’s been announced everywhere that it doesn’t. The governor of Texas is one of the most recent fully vaccinated celebrities who tested positive. The CDC announced that viral loads are as high in vaccinated as in unvaccinated. What else needs to happen for people to get assed to Google what the meds they took are actually doing?

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    3. Vaccines (1) do not stop the infection and spread of the virus, (2) have more side effects than any other vaccine available on the market, and (3) natural immunity is not recognized as an alternative to taking them. One has to wonder whether this is really about our health.

      I like how quickly things escalated from “if you do not like social media platforms censoring speech go found your own social media” to “if you don’t agree with your place of work mandating you to take medication you do not want go find a different job”. What’s next? If you do not like your bank requires you to take the vaccine to keep your money there go found your own bank? If your city/country does not allow you to live there without the vaccine, move to another one?

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