The Painfully Obvious

Give it a couple more years, and our valiant FBI will finally establish for sure that the events of January 6 weren’t coordinated by aliens from another galaxy either.

These incredible doofuses – and I don’t just mean the FBI, I mean the entire left – invent these ludicrous stories, convince themselves the stories are true, and then stun themselves with sudden revelations of the painfully obvious fact that it was all baloney to begin with.

3 thoughts on “The Painfully Obvious

  1. Respectfully, they’re not doofuses. They know exactly what they’re doing, and willingly go along with deliberate self delusion in order to propel a false narrative that benefits them.

    In my opinion, treating them as if they’re stupid is practically enabling them. The only logical thing to do, again in my opinion, is to treat them like fraudsters if not racketeers, which is to say, harshly, followed by removing all possibility of power from them.

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  2. Favorite tweet in a looooong time…

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