I heard today about a guy who had a successful school for training programmers in Ukraine. So he decided to move to Mexico and open the same kind of school there. And it’s not like he’s American and infected with wokeness. A Lamaze class for men is probably his next business initiative. They are very successful with half of the population, so why not the other half?


So if prostitutes on OnlyFans are now banned from prostituting themselves on the platform, why would anybody go there? It’s like banning people on Instagram from posting photos. Or Pfizer banning sales of medication by its reps.

I thought OnlyFans was very profitable (not to the prostitutes but the owners). Why are they destroying their business model?

I honestly don’t get it.

Make the Jump

People who are coming back to teach in person keep asking, “But what do we do if a student gets COVID???”

“You do the same as you’ve always done in the past when a student got sick,” I reply. “We’ve always had students who got sick during a semester and couldn’t come to class. There were common colds, the flu, arthritis, and even brain cancer. And we never did anything in particular. If students couldn’t catch up, they withdrew or failed.”

“BUT THIS IS COVID!” they say, making big round eyes at me.

The longer people keep away from normal life, the harder it is to integrate them back. The idea of teaching amongst COVID restrictions becomes daunting. And yes, the restrictions are a stupid, idiotic drag. But after a couple of weeks, everybody forgets about them and just goes on almost as normal.

I know it’s hard to make the jump but you just have to go for it, and then you’ll see that it’s not that big of a deal.