Talking to untenured university workers who are unvaccinated is heartbreaking. The people I talked to have very potent, non-trivial reasons to refuse. They are all preparing for being fired. The stories they tell are devastating.

Those of you who are vaccinated and support this incredible, pointless cruelty, really need to rethink your position. It’s not OK what you are doing. It’s not OK.

Interpret the Picture

Friends, I saw this online, and the picture is not a big deal but the comments people were leaving about what they saw in it was a mega-Rorschach test. What do you see in the picture? What is the message it’s sending?

To me, this picture was saying that if you turn your back to the empty striving, all the hustle and bustle, and immerse yourself in reading and thinking, you will reap the greatest benefits from the tree of life.

But there were completely different interpretations. Somebody said it was about how the lazy guy on top reaps all the benefits while others work to enrich him.

Someone else said it’s about nobody wanting to take care of nature, hastening a climate disaster. Another person thought it was a commentary on social stratification.

Truly, we all bring ourselves to every text we encounter.