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Need an Update

I’m very busy at work right now (first week of class!”) but I gather that something happened in Afghanistan that’s even worse than what was happening before. Something at the airport?

Can anybody explain without any links? I looked on Twitter but everybody is emoting and not sharing what provoked the emotions. I’m guessing I missed the moment when the news was shared.


Open but Closed

The local public school is theoretically open. But in practice, they shut down whole classrooms for two weeks whenever any kid comes into contact with a COVID-positive person. The classes just started but several classrooms have been shut down and sent to Zoom for two weeks. The mothers – who were hoping to be able to go back to work in peace – are hysterical.

There’s no indication that this lunacy is ever going to end.

Public education is dead, my friends. The teachers either torture kids with Zoom or teach middle-schoolers that if they are white, their very existence is harmful (true story. I talked to the devastated mother of one of such kids yesterday.)