The Ones Who Are Happy

Have you tried asking the people who were Biden / Warren supporters if they are happy with how the Biden presidency is going? The ones I know are ecstatic. It’s so much better than they expected, they say. Things are going great! Afghanistan, inflation, Delta – it’s all fake news.

This is completely anecdotal but the people I know who were for Biden from the start are a lot less happy with him.

Playing Favorites

One of the students in my class was among the soldiers sent to Ukraine to help during the Trump administration.

Now, how am I supposed not play favorites and like him especially much?

Not that he needs it because it’s already obvious he’s a spectacular student. The best students are former military. They are disciplined, responsible, mature, and can follow instructions, which is a rare skill in people of any age.

Successful Withdrawal

Every effort is being made to organize a wave of migration similar to the one that hit Europe when Obama destroyed Syria.

In Europe, Afghan men have been committing a disproportionate number of rapes among migrants of the Obama-Merkel wave, which means that they need to be dragged here as fast as possible to repair the imbalance. There’s no land route, so that problem is being obviated through the propaganda we are seeing everywhere.

It’s really funny how the same people and media who describe the horrors that Afghan men will do to Afghan women the second Americans stop holding guns to their heads are insisting, in the same breath, that it’s urgently necessary to bring a quarter million of those same Afghan men over here. And just to make completely certain the ploy works, defund the police and make sure female-only spaces are illegal, so there’s nowhere to hide.

And then people say that Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan is a failure. It’s a failure for you, buddy. But Biden is doing exactly what he was elected to do, and he’s doing it very effectively.

If I’m trying to open a safe and I take you by the feet, smash your head on the lock to crack it, grab the money, and stroll away while you are bleeding on the floor, it wouldn’t make sense to conclude that I failed. You failed. Failed to protect yourself. Failed to stand up to abuse. But I didn’t fail. I got exactly what I wanted.

The only way Biden and Co “failed” is if their goal was to do something good for you. That’s clearly a ludicrous idea. There’s a colossal transfer of capital on the way. This is only a small part of what’s being done to facilitate it.