Curing the Heartsickness

I was feeling really down after my Politburo adventures, so I went to the salon and got my hair back to my natural color. It took 3 hours but it worked. (I have VERY thick frizzy hair). I now have the exact same hair as I did when N and I first met. Although it might not be the best idea to put the hair I had at 30 over a much older face.

Here it is:

I wonder, what do men do when life gets to them? And please don’t say drink. Everybody drinks these days (except me, I’m cured). But women can change our hair and think, “screw you, at least I look pretty,” and then nothing else matters.

The best friend I ever had in my life used to text me whenever she knew I was having a difficult time, “remember, your chest is huge.” And that really helped.

Policing Identity Boundaries

Before I had COVID, it really bugged me when people said “sick with COVID” instead of “tested positive for COVID” for those who had no symptoms.

Now it bugs me even more. I really had COVID. I paid my COVID dues in serious symptoms. I want to police the boundaries of my identity as a COVID survivor. Your positive test means nothing unless you really suffered. Go join your own identity group with the rest of the young, thin, fit bastards with robust immune systems. Your “I also had COVID but I had no symptoms” spiel makes no sense. You are not one of us, you wannabe.


After giving birth, I developed a post-natal hypertension. So I went to the doctor, and she prescribed a medication.

Then I developed a really bad hacking cough. Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t work. Imagine a teacher who keeps coughing, and coughing. It was ridiculous.

So I went back to the doctor. She said “hmm” and gave me a prescription for the cough. This was ludicrous because I was on a path to a bunch of prescriptions, each aiming to treat the side effects of the previous ones.

I consulted Dr Google and discovered that the blood pressure prescription I’d been given does cause a side effect of cough in some people. But there’s a nearly identical medication that doesn’t.

Went back to the doctor, showed her a printout from Google. She said, “oh. So do you want this prescription instead of the other two?” Yes, I said, please. She gave it to me and the cough disappeared immediately.

That’s how I learned that in America you don’t take anything unless you personally study the documentation for each med. Doctors here prescribe. That’s all they do. Nobody cares about the consequences to you unless you take the process into your own hands. I read the Pfizer documents on its vaccine back in January, and I’m stunned by how many people didn’t bother to do it before they took the shot. At the very least, one could be assed to see what the manufacturer is saying about its own product. Now they are stunned. “But I’m fully vaxxed, how come I’m now sick?” Because nobody ever promised that you wouldn’t, dummy. Your symptoms were supposed to be lessened for an undetermined (back then) period of time, that’s all. But you can still get infected and develop symptoms. Even some major ones. That was openly stated from the start.

Senility or Snub?

People who are saying that Biden wasn’t asleep during the encounter with the Israeli PM don’t seem to understand that what they are suggesting happened is worse. They say he simply looked down for a chunk of time.

Falling asleep is something you can’t help. If it’s an unintentional blunder by a decrepit old man, it’s bad but at least it’s not intentionally offensive.

But if a politician with a half-century experience in politics can’t be bothered to fake interest in what a foreign leader is saying or in a tribute to fallen Marines, that’s a purposeful snub. Making an interested face is the #1 qualification for a politician. So either Biden is so senile that he forgot the habits of a lifetime, or he was showing disrespect on purpose. The man has been in politics longer than I’ve been alive. Senility is a much more benign explanation here.

It’s Here

Canada is refusing to take back its citizens on the strength of a Canadian passport alone. The US abandons citizens in Afghanistan.

If you think these things are unrelated, you are missing the most important development of our times, which is the substitution of the nation-state model of governance with a completely new model. The biopolitical neoliberal regime has arrived.