The Only Solution

A really good article on COVID:

We have to live with Corona, it will always be with us. Biannual boosters for the entire population will not solve anything. They will only reduce the effectiveness of vaccines by encouraging antigenic drift. The vaccines are, at best, a solution for the elderly and the vulnerable only. Everyone will get Corona, even the vaccinated, and children need to get it while they are still young and while it poses no risk to them. In this way, SARS-2 will become an unimportant virus in the coming years.

This is exactly what needs to happen: let’s do what China did, use the seasonality of the virus to declare victory over COVID, stop testing everybody in sight, treat the sick, and move the hell on already. This party is dead. Let’s go find a new one.


A large wave of infections and hospitalizations for this seasonal virus is coming to the Northeast in October-December. Mass hysteria, lockdowns, rage against the “unvaxxed,” booster shots.

Then, hopefully, a realization will sink in that it’s an endemic seasonal virus, and there’s no “stopping the spread” or “zero COVID” possible.

Or we’ll have to do another cycle of waves in July-August in the South / November-December in the North.

Of course, the politicians and the talking heads will never let it go, no matter how many waves there are and how ludicrous the narrative gets. I’m talking about regular people. They need to grow disillusioned with this game and quit playing. I’m hoping one or two more cycles, and then it just gets old and people get over it.

Fake Cancellation

It’s really annoying when people trivialize cancel culture. Look at this guy, for instance. The only thing that happened to him is that some people disagreed with his views and others didn’t find them interesting. That’s not cancellation. It’s life. He’s trivializing a truly terrible thing because he wants to make himself sound more interesting.