Lay Off the Messaging

Enough already with “why is the messaging on the vaccines so bad?” It’s not bad. It reflects reality. Shit isn’t working. What people confused for effectiveness was seasonality. It’s a seasonal virus. The seasonality made it look for a few months like the Pfizer shot worked. Then a new flu season started and it came back.

“Why are they behaving like the vaccines aren’t working?” Make a wild guess, genius. It was a new, highly experimental therapy. Hmm, what could have possibly happened?

If it worked, we wouldn’t be back in masks, hearing endless threats on TV, with 300% more infections than at the same time last year when zero people were vaccinated, and the daily deaths quintupling since early August. And that’s before the Northeast gets hit with the seasonal wave.

It’s not “messaging” that’s the problem.


Biden also said he was going to protect vaccinated workers from their unvaccinated colleagues. I thought the vaccines were supposed to do that. What is he saying? Vaccines don’t work?

And please don’t tell me it’s “bad messaging.” He wasn’t making off-the-cuff remarks. This was an address to the nation that many people wrote, edited, read, and vetted.

The Road Ahead

Is anybody OK with that? Anybody?

Biden said yesterday that unvaccinated parents are a danger to their kids. This is the first step towards removing children from parents to conduct medical experiments on them. This already happened in Chicago with the COVID vaccine. It happened in a variety of places with puberty blockers.

And since “racism is a public health menace,” we are a short distance away from keeping people under ideological control through the menace of being declared racists and having their kids taken away.

Remember, you heard it here first.


Well, you don’t say. Because it’s not been completely transparent that this was the goal from the start.

And this is only the beginning. 60% at least are going to be deemed “superfluous human waste” and pushed out of productive life, schooling, and any form of government assistance that isn’t about the preservation of “bare life.” Today’s excuse is “vaccines,” tomorrow it will be something else.

We were warned about this by the world’s greatest thinkers for at least 15 years. We chose not to pay attention. But even today it’s not too late. There are more of us than them. 60% is the majority.