The barrage of posts is due to me sitting in line for an eye exam.

It’s also kind of weird that I get a lot more compassion for having had COVID than I ever did for the very visible and scary-looking pus in the eye and PUPPPS. There are people who react to the words “I had COVID” in a way usually reserved for “I’ve had my left leg amputated” or “I have AIDS.” People get these solicitous, extremely kind faces and start talking to me like I’m doomed. Then I try to calm them down by acting in an exaggeratedly upbeat way, which freaks them out further.

I now understand why people with chronic illnesses don’t mention them to anybody. They don’t want anybody to be weird around them.

5 thoughts on “Solicitous

    1. It’s strange how people ignore mortality. We all face it at some point yet many of us ignore or purposely try not to think about it. People think I’m weird because I consider it all the time. People with serious illness don’t have this luxury. They are faced with serious suffering. I thought more people would turn to faith during the pandemic but alas, they have turned to other remedies. Even if we had a safe, effective vaccine, it still wouldn’t cure death.

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