Country Bumpkin

I know that the end to this blight people call summer is in sight when I get an invitation to the local pumpkin patch where apple cider donuts will be served while kids run around in a corn maze.

It’s mid-September, people. Haven’t I been tortured enough? I want rain, piercing cold wind, freezing temperatures, and to turn off the bloody AC.

To Go or Not to Go?

Should I go to the Dominican Republic for a conference in November? At first, I was going to go and even made provisions for it in the syllabus. Then I decided not to go because what if my COVID test comes back inconclusive while I’m there and yadda yadda. But now I’m thinking I really want to go. It’s a very nice conference. Beautiful location. Wonderful people. Friends I haven’t seen for years. I have a kick-ass talk about neoliberalism all prepared and ready to go.

Should I?

Outcast Table

Totally 100% true:

I was the unpopular kid at the outcast table so I get the sentiment. But then one day I decided not to be the outcast and get over my loserish behavior. The right keeps losing because they behave like classical losers. Pouting, taking every bait, showing no magnanimity, complaining about unfairness to an imaginary teacher. The other day Biden appeared in a photo surrounded by cute kids in Trump gear. It was the best photo of his presidency and probably of his entire life. A gigantic PR coup. And instead of learning, these gigantic babies decided it was some massive own.

The proof is in the pudding. If Biden is stupid and useless, how come he’s a millionaire and the president? If AOC isn’t sexy, how come she has millions of followers?

Human Physiology

One subject that needs to be taught in schools extensively is human physiology. People are extraordinarily ignorant about their own bodies.

A woman in her thirties is chirping happily that “there are only two days a month when you can get pregnant.”

An organ donation charity is attacked for requesting donations from black donors because “there’s no such thing as black blood.”

A mom announces she’s eager to vaccinate her 5yo for COVID even though she understands that his risk is next to non-existent. “But as a mother, I’m supposed to avoid any infection!” she proudly chirps.

Schools desinfect every surface several times a day, which is ludicrous on every level.

This reminds me of when scientists observed a high disparity of type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune disorders among children in Finland and the region of Karelia in Russia. Russian kids has dramatically lower rates of these diseases. Usually when this happens the answer is a different genetic makeup. But Karelians and the Finns are the same people with the same ethnicity. So it couldn’t have been that.

Scientists observed children on both sides of the border and found that one major difference was the hygiene. Finns were a lot likelier to keep children in sanitized conditions while Russian kids happily played in the dirt, like children are supposed to do. As a result, Russian kids were healthier with robust immune systems while their Finnish peers’ bodies struggled to handle everyday pathogens.

Today, hospitals are filling with kids whose immune systems never developed properly because of the ridiculous current obsession with hand washing, sanitizers, and chemical cleaning solutions.

The Real Hypocrisy

And the most pathetic thing about the AOC buttocks debacle is that the people who have plastered social media with them ostensibly do it to point out her hypocrisy while being completely oblivious to their own. This is a woman with clear presidential hopes who is utterly unknown to normies. So let’s make sure normies find out about her and associate vaguely positive emotions with her. What a win for conservatism.

The way propaganda works is that nobody retains information. It’s all about feelings. A slogan everybody agrees with on a shapely, cute butt evokes positive feelings. And that’s what people will subconsciously retain.

Also, what is it exactly that you are conserving by pornifying every space?