Treat Me Once

The Biden administration’s push to roll out coronavirus vaccine booster shots this month has largely been shaped by unpublished data from Israel’s vaccination campaign, according to two individuals familiar with the matter. The Israel data, which is set to be made public as soon as this week, shows that the Pfizer vaccine’s ability to prevent severe disease and hospitalization is waning over time — as is the shot’s protection against mild and moderate disease, the two sources said.

I told you, people, this isn’t about the “messaging.” This simply isn’t a vaccine in any usual meaning of the word. It’s a therapeutic with limited short-term efficacy. Since there is no vaccine, the choice isn’t between vaccinating and not. The choice is to treat the sick once or drug the healthy many times to lower the probability of having to treat them once.

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    1. I looked it over earlier today in another article. It isn’t peer reviewed yet but doesn’t look terrible at a glance.


        1. It could as easily be the other way around, with the ones taking the so-called vaccines ending up succumbing to heart failure or something after a while. The spike protein that they’re manufacturing within themselves is cytotoxic and does affect the heart strongly, so why not.

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          1. I have also seen that brought up in an argument that “Delta-variant” death stats are hiding vaccine deaths in their ranks. Given the unreliability on the vaxxed/unvaxxed data, I don’t know what to make of it, but it seems plausible.


    2. I have been following the author for more than a year, since before he got banned from Twitter. I know about this kind of data analysis, and I can certify that his analysis has been super-solid so far. That being said, no one has been consistently right on this pandemic (though some people have been consistently wrong), and the data is particularly messy, so I am not sure if he’s right on this one.

      If you ask me, what is true is that the number of COVID deaths in the Sep 2021 season is the same as in Sep 2020, and the number of vaccinated deaths is very low. So there are two possibilities (a) some thing is going on with the counting. This is very possible — covid is counted in super-weird ways, and quite likely the unvaccinated people are getting tested at a much higher rate (b) Marek. I would keep a close watch on the situation and see what is going on.

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      1. PS: I feel it is a sign of the times that the most clearly-written, detailed, non-hysterical writing about COVID that I’ve run across on the internet in weeks, is written by someone whose public persona is a cat.


        1. Indeed! 🙂 I like this guy’s math and writing, and I also like how he always double checks the provenance of data before he uses it. Now if some of our scientists in academia were as cautious as he was, things would be very different….

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          1. I was several times prescribed a month supply of oxycodone for “just in case.” I didn’t ask for it, I didn’t complain about pain. It was foisted on me. If I had taken it, like many more trusting people did, I might be addicted to heroin or dead by now. And after all this, I’m supposed to trust the same pharmaceutical industry who created the opioid epidemic? Really? On what basis?

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            1. I was prescribed a similar heavy-duty painkiller after getting my wisdom teeth out (under local anesthetic). I needed nothing but a couple of Tylenol the day after, and nothing by day 2. I now have the impression that a large portion of Americans who go for minor medical procedures view them as an exciting opportunity to get high legally (and perhaps rationalize this as “poor pity me, I have to get surgery, I deserve to enjoy a few days of the good drugs”). And the medical profession is complicit in this.


              1. Absolutely. I had a receptionist follow me into the parking lot after my wisdom teeth removal, trying to foist the scrip on me. I couldn’t speak and had to wave her off physically. I could start a minor drug dealing business with all the crap doctors tried to prescribe to me needlessly and completely unasked.

                The worst scrips were the ones I got after my two C-sections. I mean, do you really want a doped-up mom on heroin taking care of an infant? I didn’t know what oxycodone was back then and took half a pill. It got me so high, I had to lock myself in the basement and ask my husband to not let me near the baby until I got it out of my system. Then I started researching this medication and was horrified.

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              2. “Americans who go for minor medical procedures view them as an exciting opportunity to get high legally”

                When I had some traumatic tooth stuff done (due to mild phobia about dentists) I lurvved my heavy painkillers for about two days. But by day 4 or so I decided to save those left for a rainy day… which never really came.

                Same with work done years later in Poland (I actually bugged them for a second prescription – they’re much less painkiller happy here) but I wanted them in reserve (this was before I learned to deal with weather induced headaches I get from the insane changes in temperature and air pressure found in Central Europe).


              3. See, this is really weird to me. After my first wisdom tooth removal, I received a five-day prescription for Vicodin with zero refills. I was too scared to take it, and it turned out I didn’t need it. After my second wisdom tooth removal (at a different office), I was just given high-dose ibuprofen, which was really all I needed. My sister had all four removed at once and was only given ibuprofen. I’d rather take something only if I need it.


  1. You’re making the same mistake that the Biden administration is making, and going solely off reports from Israel rather than a comprehensive look at all the many places with high vaccination rates. Israeli studies have consistently found lower vaccine effectiveness than other studies because their criteria for testing are different from most other studies. They are not well-designed studies and cannot be used to either support boosters or reject vaccines.


    1. “Criteria for testing”

      Do you know, off the top of your head, what their testing criteria are and how those differ from other countries?

      In the US, one thing that is apparently skewing the numbers is that vaccinated people have a higher threshold for being tested, and in hospitals, if you test positive, but you were vaccinated less than two weeks prior, you’re counted as “unvaccinated” because, theoretically, the vaccine hasn’t had time to reach effectiveness yet.

      Which means, conveniently, that vaccine side-effects (which mostly happen in the first three days) are being recorded as happening in “unvaccinated” people.


      1. My workplace requirers all unvaxxed to test every week, while the vaxxed can go spread the virus and nobody cares. Of course you will find all the cases in unvaxxed.

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      2. Criminy! It’s worse than the two weeks thing! Gato says the line between vaxxed and unvaxxed is being drawn at two weeks after the SECOND dose— so there are an awful lot of “unvaxxed” out there who have had one or two shots already.

        Given that, I half-expect them to next move the “unvaxxed” definition up to include anyone who isn’t current on boosters. Which means the only number that makes any sense right now is going to be all-cause mortality. Nothing else is even worth looking at.


        1. That’s already happening in Israel. If it’s been 6 months without a booster, you are considered unvaccinated.

          This is honestly the first time I’ve heard of a “vaccine” that works this way.


          1. IMO, that is a very blatant effort to hide negative vaccine effects, and we cannot believe anything they’re saying about the safety of the vaccines, because if you get the shot, and then get the second one in… what’s the interval? 3-6 weeks? And you’re not considered vaccinated until two weeks after dose two (longer in Israel, I guess!), then any horrible thing that happens to you in the five-to-eight weeks after your first shot (stroke, Guillain-Barre, heart attack, allergic reaction, blood clots, covid infection…), happened to an “unvaxxed” person.

            “Pandemic of the unvaxxed”

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              1. I am not so sure how long this rebellion will last though. The two directors in charge of vaccines (Krause and Gruber) are resigning in October. I have a sinking feeling there will be another meeting in November, and the boosters will be back and mandated.


            1. And given that vaccine side effects are often identical to COVID symptoms…

              This is a neat trick. “The vaccine is making me ill.” “No, it’s COVID that’s making you ill, you unvaccinated bastard murderer.”

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              1. This is why I’m glad that nerve compression is not a COVID symptom. Nor was it any of my long-hauler symptoms.


    2. I think the problem with vaccination stats lies in the fact that the majority of vaxed is older population, minority the young are minority. Therefore you can’t look objectively at the vaccine efficacy as a whole. Older people die and have many comorbidities. No matter whether you are vaccinated or not, you have to die. Therefore the deaths will be high among vaccinated in the old population because they are the majority.

      Another thing is that as you get older, your body fails to produce robust amounts of T-cells. I can imagine for many old people who are vaccinated, it doesn’t make any difference because the body doesn’t filter the foreign substances very well any more and the vaccine doesn’t produce the desired immune response.

      For most young people the vaccine doesn’t make any difference or maybe small dent as their bodies have the natural abilities to deal with the virus.


    3. “You’re making the same mistake that the Biden administration is making, and going solely off reports from Israel rather than a comprehensive look at all the many places with high vaccination rates.”

      The following link takes you to a chart showing vaccination rate per capita of several countries, including Israel.

      The following link takes you to a chart showing cases per capita of several countries, again including Israel and other countries from the first chart.

      At a glance there are several countries with high and/or increasing vaccination rates and high and/or increasing cases per capita.

      It isn’t just Israel. It’s the so-called vaccines.


    4. Let’s return to this conversation in 6 months. As of now, everything I said months in advance came to pass. I will be ecstatic to be mistaken and discover that these vaccines work as vaccines.


      1. “Let’s return to this conversation in 6 months.”

        About a year ago I said that things would begin to improve just after winter in the Southern hemisphere, since two winter seasons would have allowed for enough tweaking of vaccines for their efficacy to become substantial. That time is now.

        On a scale of 1 to 10, I think that I overestimated our pharmaceutical companies by about…10. 10 out of 10 overestimated. Total fail on the prediction.

        Having learned my lesson I say that in 6 months nothing will have changed except that so-called anti-vaxxers will be even more hated and persecuted, while politicians will demand a certain minimum percentage of the population be up to date on their booster shots of ineffective so-called vaccine, pharma CEOs will be even richer than they are today, and Biden still wont know what planet this is.


        1. My prognosis coincides with yours, George. Eventually, a narrative will be found to explain why these vaccines aren’t working. It will be some fantasy about variants or a different virus or whatever. And people will convince themselves it’s true because, unlike you, they don’t have the courage to accept when they were wrong on something.

          A fast-mutating respiratory virus with large animal reserves. What “vaccine” can there possibly be?

          It’s useless, though. They heard it on THE TV so it must be true.


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