Leave It Alone

Everybody on social media is delighted by these images but I find them hideous. These poor plants would have looked much better, in my opinion, if people left them the hell alone. The guy in the picture at the bottom is said to have tortured that poor tree for 8 years to get this result. 8 years! Is he a sociopath?

2 thoughts on “Leave It Alone

  1. I always love your fresh perspective. “Torturing trees?” Maybe you are right. But maybe it also proves that beautiful things are produced out of adversity. I doubt they are tortured as I don’t believe trees have nerve endings. (Think about all the maple trees that produce maple syrup.) Think of the limbs as being “trained” and the perspective changes. With a little “correction” or maybe better said, with a little “discipline”, we can all mold into something quite exquisite.

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