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United is laying off 600 workers. In New York, hundreds of nurses are being laid off. National Guard is being brought in as scabs to work instead of the nurses. And how does the left react? They celebrate.

Remember that whole thing with Reagan and air controllers? It’s the Dem governor of New York who’s using his playbook to do the exact same thing.

But Reagan, at least, never pretended to be who he wasn’t. These bastards, though, are laying off people by the thousand while blabbing about social justice. How does anybody still buy into their lies?

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  1. The worst part is that the majority of people support these measures. They agree with laying off the unvaccinated, they agree with the mandates. This is not just the government’s doing. This is done with the consent and aid of the majority of the population. Good luck to anyone who needs to go to hospital for any reason in the next few months (and perhaps years).

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    1. The funny thing is that nobody notices the clear parallel with Reagan’s layoffs. The excuse for the layoffs is different. It’s been sold as an issue that’s pleasing to the left, so they rally around it. But it’s still textbook austerity. This is what it’s all about. We are all being robbed but nobody is noticing because we’ve been distracted by narratives.


  2. …and it’s SO illogical. People who work in hospitals are the top of the heap when it comes to natural immunity. They’ve been constantly exposed to the Virus in Question for over a year. What the hell is a vaccine supposed to do for them anyway?

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    1. “What the hell is a vaccine supposed to do for them anyway?”

      People are sometimes jealous and prefer it when other people suffer the same hardships that they have suffered. The classic example of that kind of pathology is female circumcision/genital mutilation.

      In my opinion the vaccine is obviously intended to take away their reason to tell others to avoid a vaccine.

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        1. Yes, exactly.

          It’s also one of the reasons for the cycle of abused children becoming abusive parents. It is difficult to experience empathy for someone when none was previously shown to you in similar or worse situations.


  3. Meanwhile, in latest news:

    YouTube will block all anti-vaccine content, moving beyond COVID-19 to include content that alleges vaccines cause chronic health effects or contains misinformation on the substances in vaccines, it said in a blog post on Wednesday.

    The online video company owned by Alphabet Inc is also banning prominent anti-vaccine activists, taking down several channels, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday, citing YouTube’s Vice President Of Global Trust and Safety Matt Halprin. These include Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Joseph Mercola, who have long been high-profile figures in the anti-vaccine movement.

    SECOND – In Israel:

    From Sunday, more than one million Israelis will lose their Green Pass after a policy change dictated that a COVID-19 booster shot is required six months after receiving the first two doses.

    Among them are almost half the country’s teachers, according to an estimate from the Israel Teachers’ Union.

    The director of the secondary school teachers’ union, Ran Erez, sent an urgent letter to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett urging a two-month delay to allow teachers to get their booster shots and become Green Pass compliant, warning that the decision to dock pay for those without the pass would be challenged in court.

    “There are no decisions like this directed at any other sector in the country. It is a measure that harms Israeli teachers in a nonproportional way,” he wrote.

    Erez said he was referring to teachers who had had two vaccine shots and not those few who refused to get vaccinated at all.

    Erez warned that failure to find a solution would put all options on the table including legal challenges, work stoppages and strikes.


    MKs exclude themselves from showing Green Pass at Knesset; staff said furious

    Yesh Atid MK Merav Ben-Ari said that MKs have “no issue showing their Green Pass, they do so everywhere in the country,” but said that allowing any MK to enter the Knesset is a law dating back to the 1950s.


    1. It makes sense they are banning all anti-vaccine content. I am one of the people who is starting to question the safety of all childhood vaccinations, in the big part due to Covid, and also due to some chronic health problems my child is suffering from currently. My questioning came about due to two reasons: (1) all the reading on the vaccines because of Covid, (2) a conversation with a family member who is an immunologist. The first question this doctor asked me, after mentioning my child’s problems, was if they started after vaccination. Apparently, it can be a trigger. They did, but the issues are too complex to squarely put the blame on the vaccines. In any case, if I could do it over, knowing what I know today, I would not allow for my child to be vaccinated, or at least wait until an older age to administer some of the vaccines. I am 100% sure I am not the only person who is now questioning vaccines in general.

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      1. Wouldn’t it make more sense to ban vaccine propaganda of all kinds so that anyone who wanted to use the platform would be forced to be truthful?


        1. Too logical… In any case, who is going to be an arbitrator of what is truthful? It makes more sense to allow all content (propaganda for either side included) and let people who are reading/watching the said propaganda to decide for themselves. I am not personally bothered by people who are singing praises of any vaccine (Covid “vaccines” included), it is their right to do so.


          1. “In any case, who is going to be an arbitrator of what is truthful?”

            My post was facetious especially to raise this point.

            Naturally I agree that all content should be allowed so that people may debate and choose for themselves. The issue is too important, and relevant entities too prejudiced to do anything otherwise imo.

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        1. Ditto. I’ve always fallen on the side of just… get my kids most of the vaccines (but really, chickenpox? Hep B? How much risk are they at really?), but wait til they’re more than a year old, and spread them out a little, so if they do have a reaction, at least we’ll know which vaccine did it, and we can avoid boosters for that particular shot. Seemed reasonable to me. There’s no reason except convenience to pile them all up like they do.

          My youngest was slated to begin standard inoculations last summer. COVID made it impossible to get anywhere near the health department (where we do that) without an appointment. So we figured we’d wait until things calmed down. A year and a half later, we’re still waiting, he still hasn’t had any vaccines at all… and yeah, watching the radically unethical behavior of vaccine manufacturers this past year is giving me serious second thoughts about getting those at all. Like, do I have to? Are they really necessary?

          I notice that my mental list of must-have vaccines for the kids has been shrinking, this covid-tide. I have gone from all the standard shots, minus varicella and hepB, to maybe just the slate I had as a kid in the 80s, down to well, maybe we’ll just do tetanus and polio… if we can ever find a doctor who didn’t jump whole-hog on the current covid-vaccine bandwagon (can I trust them if they did jump on that? Doesn’t it mean they’re willing to go against their better judgement and compromise the health of patients, in order to stay in the good graces of the AMA?).

          Yeah, there’s some wavering happening.


          1. Many years ago, I wondered on the blog about the need for the HPV vaccine. Immediately, a crowd of absolutely unhinged fanatics descended to call me all sorts of names and howl at the moon. That’s when I stopped mentioning the word vaccine altogether because it wasn’t worth the aggravation. Now, unfortunately, it’s become impossible to avoid.


            1. Yeah, I didn’t even think about that one. It didn’t exist when I was the age to get shots, so it kind of disappears from my mental dashboard. But I remember when it was new, and it seemed so incredibly weird to have hordes of seemingly-random people being abusive to total strangers in order to promote a commercial product made by a huge corporation. It was as though the evening-news-slot drug adverts had suddenly developed a following more rabid than my college’s football team.

              I couldn’t help but wonder if they were paid for their efforts, or if it was pure “Go team!” and they had living rooms full of Merck swag– you know, pom-poms, game cups, bumper stickers, hats, T-shirts, jerseys…


  4. “Remember that whole thing with Reagan and air controllers? It’s the Dem governor of New York who’s using his playbook to do the exact same thing.”

    Did you deliberately use a masculine pronoun to refer to a woman?


  5. ” hundreds of nurses are being laid off”

    My first reaction to this story (and it’s still the main reaction). The idea is to move beyond impoverishing the middle and working classes but about…. eliminating them.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if most of what we now know as healthcare is simply being phased out (like the tourism, travel and hospitality industries before them). I think meth mentioned something like that here before (the idea had been kicking around in my head for a long time too.

    Job related vaccine mandates seem to be turning out to be one way for the government to accelerate its retreat from education and healthcare, a filtering device to eliminate potential enemies….


    1. In a world of limited (and declining) resources, the middle and working classes are competition for the elite’s ability to continue jetting around the globe and air-conditioning their ten-thousand square foot houses. I mean, we don’t use nearly the amount of resources that your average Al Gore does, but there are so many of us…


    2. Exactly, this is what I have been thinking myself for the last several months. Healthcare will devolve to providing covid tests and covid vaccines. And that’s it — if you are actually sick with anything, then you’re on your own.

      As an example, here’s an anecdote. A couple of months ago, I had to take my 3-year old to the local urgent care for a bad sprain (we were worried something was broken). Pre-covid, it was your regular friendly city urgent care. Now, the doors are always locked. My three year old and I had to wait on the sidewalk for 20 mins and call a number to talk to the receptionist until they were fully satisfied we had nothing to do with covid. And only then we were let in to the facility. I certainly went back with the impression that they did not want to see any patients (even though they were fairly empty on a weekend afternoon).

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      1. I had the same experience with my son who had a horrendous poison ivy rash–bad reaction. We stood outside waiting and talking through a microphone. I just wanted some steroids. When I finally saw the doctor, they refused to give us steroids and wanted to send us to be admitted at the children’s hospital “because he has diabetes and I don’t know anything about that.” I was LIVID.

        So we went home, took an oatmeal bath and waited for the endocrinologist to give us steroid cream the next day. But the urgent care kept contacting me asking me why I hadn’t followed instructions. Then – HA – they sent me a survey to give them feedback on my experience. They got it alright. I even got a call from the urgent care manager apologizing for our bad experience. And that was at a pediatric urgent care.

        We are living in the dystopian future. Either we start preparing for the worst case scenarios or we become the statistics.


  6. “United is laying off 600 workers.”

    I’m pretty much OK with this if it’s just the ones that break people’s luggage, especially guitars.


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