Moral Code

Everybody thinks they are a good person. The capacity of human beings to justify shitty behavior is endless. Everybody knows deep inside that they are very, very good.

This is why there needs to be an external moral law. One that exists outside oneself and is bigger than one’s own judgment. There are two variations of such external morality currently in existence. Religion and the penal code.


I have good news. I think that after a thirty-year-long barren patch, after decades of tortured postmodern pretentiousness, after years of woke navel-gazing and trite rich-people dramas. . .

. . .

. . . American literature is getting reborn. And when literature gets reborn, the whole culture might be about to re-awaken.

I didn’t expect it but it looks like it might be happening.

More to come.

False Idols

We have a charitable Christmas activity at church where we buy presents for children of incarcerated St Louisans. St Louis is the crime capital of the hemisphere, and there’s no shortage of children whose parents are in jail.

We receive little tickets with the name, age, and sex of the children, as well as what gifts they prefer. These are important things to know because they impact what gift is appropriate. However, this year, for the first time, we are also told each child’s race. Not only is this ridiculous, it’s also disturbing. People’s brains have been so conquered by the race mania that they don’t notice it any more. It’s like a sneeze.

Mind you, it doesn’t occur to anybody to mention the kids’ religion on the little tickets. And that’s as it should be. Children should get presents irrespective of whether they are Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Muslims, or agnostics. We don’t exclude based on religion. But why do we racialize Christmas gift giving? Why do we worship at the altar of wokeism’s false gods?

Most importantly, where can one find respite from this nastiness? Where can one go to avoid participating in this cult of animosity, suspicion, and dislike?

The Wrong Gifts

Is everybody sufficiently caught up in how this game is played or do I need to explain?

Instead of developing your gifted kids who will expect a decent compensation for their work when they grow up, who will be mouthy, opinionated, and know words like “democracy, human rights, freedom, and constitution,” it’s easier to use gifted kids from somewhere else where people are more obedient and grateful for whatever they are given.

Inventing “anti-racism” was truly a stroke of genius on the part of the adepts of Milton Friedman. Turns out Americans will adopt every austerity measure in existence if you tell them it’s “anti-racist.”