Never Happened

We started watching the new season of Bosch, and it opens with a scene where everybody is celebrating New Year 2020. I almost threw up.

I think we’d all be better served to pretend 2020 never happened and move on.

There Is No Trump

I keep hearing people say, “I hope Trump doesn’t run in 2024, he’s too polarizing. I want to vote for DeSantis instead.”

I want DeSantis, too, but my friends. Have you learned nothing? Whoever we nominate will be the new Trump. The polarizing candidate that is a Nazi racist Putin spy rapist is a construct. You can nominate a Catholic nun who has never been out of convent as a Republican candidate, and we’ll immediately find out that she raped every illegal migrant on the border and branded them with swastikas while murdering them with COVID and Bubonic plague?

These bastards already tried to accuse DeSantis of being a pedophile because he hugged his own daughter at a public event. How long will it take them to have every “masks work – Russia collusion is real” individual believing that DeSantis – or whoever else – is Osama bin Laden who survived and got elected governor of Florida using the money given him by his Dad Putin and his Mom Xi Jinping?