Who Won?

Am I looking in the wrong place? Did Youngkin win? I’m trying to Google it but all the top articles are old.

Defective by Birth

I feel great dismay when I see this kind of thing:

You can’t win by accepting the most immoral and ludicrous ideas of your opponent. We already have a party that invests skin color and immigration status with virtue and morality. People who share this worldview and like to collect rosters of trendy identities aren’t going to suddenly like you.

This is a horrible, horrible framing. Our narrative should be “our candidates won because they have better ideas.” That’s it. Their DNA and the biographical details of their ancestors are immaterial.

Please, please, let’s not get so inured to this kind of thing that we accept it as normal. In the early USSR people were exterminated on the basis of their parents’ professions. It was cool to have children of factory workers on the roster like today it’s cool to have children of immigrants. And children of doctors or, even worse, priests and horse-owning peasants lived in terror because they were considered defective by birth.

Favored identity groups change but the principle remains. Let’s refuse to accept it.

Three Books

I’d bring Ramon Saizarbitoria’s Martutene, Vargas Llosa’s The War of the End of the World, and Miau by Benito Pérez Galdós. I could spend years rereading them. Plus, they are long. I wish the question included a fourth book so I could add Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy.

When people say “the Bible” in response to this kind of question, I feel like they are virtue signaling.

It’s worse when they say War and Peace. Are you really going to read that crap? How many times?

The Normal Candidate

We have four candidates for the top administrative position on our campus. Three are standard diversity bureaucrats who love “anti-racism,” austerity, and big data. The fourth enlisted in the army at 37 after the 9/11 terror attack and told us about his church and how much it matters to him. He also happens to be anti-austerity and doesn’t think we need more ‘anti-racism.’ I’m kind of stunned that such a normal candidate squeezed through.

These are all diversity hires, of course. But at least one is a normal human being, so that’s already big.