Who Won?

Am I looking in the wrong place? Did Youngkin win? I’m trying to Google it but all the top articles are old.

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      1. IKR? Any time election results come up anymore, I feel the need to add caveats about delayed counts, after-midnight truck deliveries, suitcases under the tables, etc. It looks like Youngkin won, but… the night is young! There are still 300+ counties not reporting yet, and literally anything could happen. Who knows?

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        1. Remember a year ago? That was a bad, bad night. Of course, it would have been worse had we known how aggressively the Dems would slam through their agenda.


          1. I worry that now they have more experience and practice at large-scale fraud, not only will it not just go away, it’ll also get less obvious. It’ll be a well-oiled machine with no need for fictional plumbing emergencies and other such ridiculous shenanigans.

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              1. Just a glance at the comments on that tweet will tell you everything you need to know about why the working-class ladies are not so enamored of the Democrats right now. I sure wouldn’t want to vote for the candidate of those b– er, witches, either. Do these people suppose that “less college” means “can’t read Twitter”?

                Throwing the working class voting base under the bus in exchange for the white suburban women voting bloc was a bad trade for the Dems. I don’t know how it works out numbers-wise, but they’re gonna go deaf from all that high-pitched whining. It must be like having tinnitus that talks.

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              2. It’s no mystery why working class women can’t stand the Dems. The real mystery is the love of college-educated women for the bastards who invented Zoom school, keep kids in masks all day and teach them they are inferior because of their genes. You’d think a mother might have a problem with all this.

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          2. …though it should be noted that there were reports earlier in the day of poll workers turning voters away for not wearing masks. Enough that a court had to be consulted on the matter, and slap down the poll workers: no, masks are not required and you can’t keep people from voting over it. That’s still pretty disingenuous, IMO.

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  1. There are now more than 95% of precincts reporting. Youngkin is up by about 88000 votes. From watching the trend from 90% reporting to 95% reporting, I don’t see any way McAuliffe picks up 88000 more votes than Youngkin in the remaining precincts.
    And yet the MSM aren’t yet calling what seems obvious. . .

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  2. CNN has called it for Youngkin. It’s over. Looks like the other Republicans running statewide will win as well.


  3. If Democrats don’t stop with their identity politics and focus on social issues nobody really cares about, they will be in serious trouble.
    They won the presidency on Trump being an unpopular president, but he’s out of the picture now, crime is rising, and identity politics are as divisive as ever.


          1. There is a lot of important areas where Republicans have no plan. Income inequality, health care, environment, etc. These are important issues to everybody, especially the working class since they are the most affected.
            It’s mind boggling to me that Democrats are not making that their entire platform. If they did, and out right denounced and cut off the Twitter mob, I think they have a winning strategy.


            1. They care more about enacting their current agenda than winning votes. I think they actually want to shed working class voters, much like I want the Ohio GOP to shed country club Republicans.

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              1. They just can’t stand working people. This is a profound sentiment that is ultimately a lot stronger than any rational consideration. Their whole thing is moral, economic, and experiential superiority. If the superiority isn’t there, then they’ve got nothing. Politics for them is an opportunity to signal that they are morally superior. If that’s gone, nothing is left.

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              2. ” I think they actually want to shed working class voters”

                Of course, they hate working class people because they tend to value things like tradition and religion and community and family, all of which stand in the way of the dems’ preferred agenda: atomized, neoliberal bio-consumerism.

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        1. Also, have you read the comments on that Twitter thread noting that Younkin’s women voters were less educated, on average? The Dems aren’t getting the working class back unless/until they not only get rid of that bunch of talking assholes, but also kick them to the curb and publicly repudiate them. Their old voting base doesn’t even want to be in the same room with those creeps. When you have ten comments in a row along the lines of: “Proof that being less educated makes you more gullible” “college gives you tha critical thinking skills” “Republicans like a woman barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen” “we’re surprised they have time to vote at all when they’re always busy popping out babies” and on, and on, and on, in the same vein. They don’t want those voters back. They’re offended that they vote at all.

          Oh, Dems, tell us how you really feel about us!

          What more information do we need? The most vocal, most visible Dem voters think I’m a cockroach. Tell me again why I should vote Democrat? Tell me why the party that represents those arrogant turds is going to serve my interests, and work to maintain my dignity in the big, wide, world?

          I’m not saying the Reps are great. They’re not. But hell, at least they don’t actively hate me.


          1. “The Dems aren’t getting the working class back unless/until they not only get rid of that bunch of talking assholes, but also kick them to the curb and publicly repudiate them.”

            Very true, keeping quiet is not enough, they need to outright come out against it.


          2. Dems ARE that talking group of assholes. Remember Hillary’s comments in India?

            Tbh I’ve been hearing this smug bs from the left as long as I’ve been into politics, it’s a miracle I stayed with the Dems as long as I did considering their contempt for me and the people I care about.

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            1. “Dems ARE that talking group of assholes.”

              I have long suspected this, but hesitate to tar everyone with the same brush. Still, I don’t see anyone on their own side calling them out on it, so… yes, that’s the obvious conclusion.


        2. “Some time not long ago they were the party of the industrial working class. They can definitely, and should, pivot back to that.”

          Here’s the thing…

          Fifty/Sixty years ago, manufacturing provided one in three jobs in the U.S.A. as compared to a little more than one job in ten today.

          There’s no “pivoting back” without re-embracing tariff protectionism in strategic sectors and re-imagining the globalization of industrial production.

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