Oh, well. This isn’t anything new. Kids were always barred from entering restaurants and swimming pools without proof of being vaccinated for measles. Oh, wait. . .

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  1. When the FDA and CDC committees gave their full approval to these vaccines they knew very well that their votes will translate into mandates for these children. I hope they sleep well at night. I wouldn’t if I were them. By the way, I blame the parents who are already running to vaccinate their children for this fiasco as well. I hope they are ready to live with the consequences. I do not wish any harm to anyone, but there is enough data available now to understand that this will not end well for a small portion of these children.

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      1. Perhaps it’s because it’s more acceptable to have “furbabies” these days than real ones.

        Have you seen the latest blip on the vixenation radar? A paper came out re-analyzing the CDC’s data, and found that women who received the shot in early pregnancy had 7-8 times the rate of miscarriage. And after they had that data, officials went on to assure everyone that it was fine, and pregnant women should get the shot.

        Not sure how reliable it is, but it’s here:

        Click to access adf864_2bd97450072f4364a65e5cf1d7384dd4.pdf

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        1. I know a woman who miscarried at 20 weeks after the vax. This is devastating. Having to live with “what if”, the guilt, it’s terrible. And for what? Women who are young and healthy enough to carry a pregnancy are at no risk from COVID. What was it all for? My heart bleeds for the poor woman and her baby.

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  2. I just found out that Murphy won in NJ. I’m just so angry. No accountability for genociding thousands of people. People have the power to do some justice but they just choose not to think for themselves because it’s more important in their smug circles to recite some slogans how awful the Republicans are. I guess vaccine mandates will come to New Jersey now.

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          1. Yeah. . . Our university keeps telling us that 87% of students and faculty are vaccinated. But 75% of us work and study remotely and didn’t have to provide vaccination status. So where does the 87% number come from? This is all fishy.

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            1. We are teaching in person. Allegedly, 96% of our faculty are vaccinated. About 2 months ago they started to encourage us to get boosters (at a time when they were not even approved by FDA/CDC they already knew when the boosters will be available for distribution).


            2. I noticed a similar weirdness looking at the CA numbers. Like, jumping back and forth between here:


              And here:


              So you’ve got the Sac Bee opining that only 62% of state workers in CA are vixenated. And you’ve got the (I assume) official stats over at the mayoclinic site, where they say CA’s 18-64 statewide age-group is 71% foxed. That just… doesn’t sound right. The nationwide everybody-over-18 number is supposed to be like 67%. I have a really hard time making sense of those numbers. They’re saying that in the most insanely liberal-bubble state of the union, where working-age people are 71% foxed (and sane unfoxed are fleeing in large numbers), only 62% of people who work for the state government (surely the most self-selectedly liberal-conformist group of people in the country, aside from police and firemen, and I seriously doubt they make up a majority of state workers) are foxed?

              That’s a head-scratcher. I’m guessing the official stats are fudged, the SacBee’s numbers are closer to the truth, and it’s possible everyone is lying, but it’s hard to coordinate everybody who’s reporting stats in various places, so nobody’s quite sure how much they need to fudge the numbers to get the results they want. You can lie. But it’s hard to get well-coordinated lying across fifty-plus states and territories, thousands of counties, gazillions of hospitals…

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